Thursday 17 November 2011

Ribbed Scarf and other odds and sods

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for your comments on what to do with leftover fabric. It's always interesting to hear other people's thoughts :) Today I am excited to show a finished project after a bit of slow going recently...a ribbed scarf which i have made as a birthday present for my boyfriend. It is the first thing i have made for him (the less said about the UFO that is his iPad case the better...) so i hope he likes it!

The pattern is basically a double rib stitch (knit two, purl two). I added stripes in a different colour which was my first attempt at knitting with two different was a bit fiddly at first but i think it turned out pretty well in the end and i love the contrast of the colours. I am particularly pleased with the edges...

In my knitting class we were taught to knit the last stitch every time even if it is on a purl row...i think this gives a really nice finish, and also makes things a lot easier if you are sewing bit together.

In other news, and to prove that i have been doing some sewing recently, here is my Crepe Dress muslin! Not modelled i'm afraid, but still evidence it exists :) Shocking lighting i know but it can't be's just so dark and dingy at the moment!

I am pleased to say that it is a very good fit, so aside from altering the length i think i'm ready to start with my fashion fabric, here's a reminder of my intended fabric and contrast lining.

One final thing to share with you before i head off to the Lake District for a long weekend is some amazing fabric i picked up last weekend from my favorite fabric stall at Leicester Market. I have no idea what i am going to do with it yet but how cute is this???

I snapped up 2 whole metres as i knew it was unlikely to be around for long. I'm sure i can come up with some ideas for some little people i know...and also perhaps some not-so-little people!!!

K xx

1 comment:

  1. The scarf looks incredible Kat and I love that you used two colours...very impressive. Thanks for the tip about knitting the last stitch of every row (be it knit or purl), will have to try that!

    Your Crepe's also looking great...get it finished soon please ;o)

    And how cute is that fabric!!!!



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