Tuesday 21 August 2012

Fascinator Fun – A Dibs Masterclass!

So on Saturday Marie and I had some visitors!

Dibs, Mela and baby Noah travelled all the way to Leicester from the big smoke to come and hang out with us! We had a lovely day of yummy food, sewing (and non-sewing) chatter and millinery fun. Little Noah is officially the worlds most chilled out baby…just look at the little dude chillaxing!

Dibs was kind enough to share with us some of her new found millinery skills, and expertly guided by our new teacher we each made a fascinator! Once we had got the hang of the fiddly rolling process, we were truly on a roll (would you believe me if I told you this pun was originally unintentional?!).

Dibs in teacher mode

Considering an "alternative" fascinator approach

Marie has carefully coordinated her skirt and kitchen paper

Concentrated work...rolling rolling rolling!

Slightly less concentrated work!

Group shot

Close up of my creation

I never expected that we would be able to make something so professional looking in such a short space of time (and according to Dibs more professional that a lot of fascinators found in the shops – no glue was used in the making of these beauties!). I am definitely going to be whipping up some more of these in the future. A Dibs masterclass + Marie’s amazing spread + Melizza’s divine brownie cookie = a fabulous Saturday! Thank you ladies, and bring on the next meet up. Thanks also to Dibs for all the beautiful photos in this blog post!

In other news, my Truffle dress is finished! Just in time to wear to the wedding on Saturday. I am off on a very Scottish holiday tomorrow, can’t wait, but on my return I will reveal my newest creation in all its glory!
K xx


  1. Yours came of the best, Kat! I loved your bow so much.

  2. They look so pretty! That sounds like a fabulous day, but the most important detail of all - Marie matched her kitchen roll to her skirt!!! That woman is a domestic goddess.

    1. Haha! I really couldn't resist the kitchen roll when I saw it in the shop ;p

  3. Hurrah for excellent company and millinery fun!!!



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