Monday 10 September 2012

FO: Truffle Dress

Remember this plan, from ages ago?

Or more recently, this sneak peak?

Well today I can finally show you the finished item the Colette Patterns Truffle was all done just in time for my friend's wedding in Scotland.

I made a muslin of the bodice in order to check the fit, as Colette patterns tend to come up big on me around the shoulders. Despite this I still had to play with the fit a bit on the "real thing"...although I think this was my fault as I tried to lengthen and widen at the waist without thinking it through properly. However with much pinning and basting, and a little bit of adjusting, all was right. I am really pleased with the bodice fit in the end...I think it is spot on.
I also put in my very first invisible zip! I have been avoiding these for so long but I faced my fear and followed the excellent guidelines in the Colette Sewing Handbook, and it was nowhere near as scary as I expected. I might even go as far as to say that with time, this has the potential to become my favourite method of zip insertion....!
My dress "in the wild" at the wedding
Proof it was a bit sunny...and windy! Look at that twirl :)

Pattern: Truffle Dress from the Colette Sewing Handbook

Fabric: Shinyish green fabric probably intended to be lining, purchased from Walthamstow at the bloggers meet up earlier this year. I chose it because it was the exact colour I had in mind for this dress, and at £4 for 5 metres due to a slight imperfection at one edge, how could I possibly refuse? The bodice is lined with grey lining fabric from my stash. The skirt is not lined - I was originally going to make a net underskirt to wear with it but I ran out of time to get it right - and also I don't think this dress necessarily needs an underskirt.

Notions: 16" invisible zip

Verdict? I am very pleased with the fit of this dress and would definitely make it again as I love the pattern. It was very straightforward to make once I had the fit perfected, and as always the instructions were clear and easy to follow. However, I would probably not use this type of fabric again. For the cost I can't really complain (the whole dress must have cost less than £10 to make!) but I'm not sure I'm completely keen on how shiny it is, and also it creased REALLY was a total mess after an evening of Ceilidh dancing!

I tend to have this creasing problem with a lot of my makes, whatever the fabric...cotton, lining, whatever. I just can't figure it out. Is it just me, or does everyone else have this problem?! I would love to hear if you do and how you get round it (apart from repeated ironing!).

I'll just leave you with a few of my holiday snaps of beautiful (but soggy) Scotland! We travelled around the highlands and islands and it was just breathtaking. I was blown away by the scenery and how remote some parts are. Have a look for yourself...

Left to right: Tobermory on the Isle of Mull; Iona Abbey; Isle of Staffa
Left to right: Loch Lomond; Glen Nevis; Fingal's Cave

K xx


  1. lovely dress, the wrap over is a really nice detail too!

    Invisible zips are my favourite to use I just think they are so neat and easy to do - once you know how haha!

  2. Eeep, it's lovely! Well done Kat! Your holiday snaps are heavenly too!

  3. Looks great :)
    Do you use fabric conditioner/softener? I don't as I'm allergic to it (and a cheapskate) but my boyfriend's clothes are noticeably softer & drapier, don't know if it might affect creasing too?

  4. Ooh, what a pretty dress! :) I love the colour, and the fit is great.
    Yep, I find my makes crease terribly too. Not sure what to do about it either.

  5. Love the colour on you! And if you can get an invisible zip nicely into wriggly lining fabric they should hold no fears from now on, surely.

    As for wrinkling, the best solution I've found is to sew with knits, or fabrics that aren't 100% natural fibre. Cotton with a bit of poly or elastane behaves much better than 100% cotton. But some fabrics just wrinkle...

  6. I can see why you would make more of them. The Truffle looks really good on you.

  7. Your dress is gorgeous!! I love the colour and the fit is fantastic. What a bargain on the fabric!

  8. I love this dress! I've seen the Truffle dress quite a few times but I really like your "smart" version! It looks lovely on you.



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