Thursday 21 February 2013

Beating the sewing blues

...or rather, the non-sewing blues! Yep, as you may have noticed, there has been very little sewing going on round these parts since...well, before Christmas. I'm in a proper non-sewing rut. Mostly, I blame the weather. It's cold, so so cold. It's dark. It's dingy. It's dark when I leave the house, and it's dark when I get home. Most days all I want to do when I get home from work is curl up on the sofa under a blanket and veg out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. I know I'm not the only blogger suffering from a bit of this at the moment. I don't do well with winter - I think I would like to be an animal that hibernates, perhaps a hedgehog, or a bear. Bears are cute. I could eat plenty of high fat foods (yum cake) for a few months to store energy, curl up under a huge pile of blankets in the toasty warm, go to sleep for a few months and live off my fat stores and then wake up in the spring when the sun is peeping out. What's not to love? Seriously. Sadly, I am not a bear. So I must put up with the winter and the associated lack of motivation to do, well, anything really. So as I said, mostly I blame the weather.

Over the last few days though, I have been getting a few signs that spring may be preparing to be sprung. The evenings have definitely been getting brighter, and there are some beautiful crocuses blooming on the grass near my office. I love spring flowers, daffodils and tulips are my favourites, particularly daffodils. When I was in my previous job I used to walk to work through a park where every spring there were daffodils in abundance. I used to love walking past and marvelling at all the many many different types, blooming in all their glory. Is there a more cheerful sight to be seen than a flowerbed full of daffodils? I think that's why I like them so much - they make me smile.

I think another reason for may sewing rut is that l haven't made anything I really love in ages, which has knocked me back a bit. I think what I need is a quite and easy project to give me a big kick out of my sewing rut and back in the game!

Do you suffer from the sewing blues? Or even the winter blues? I'd love to hear your tips for banishing the blues away! Bring on the spring I say :)

K xx


  1. I think loads more of us suffer from SAD than is recognised, I completely empathise with you. I've started running properly again to get on top of my winter blues - at least 3 times a week me & my hubby are out doing at least 5k, this week we've done 20k in total! I feel so much better mentally and emotionally for it, I'm sleeping better and (of course) I'm getting fitter. I'm not doing as much sewing as I'm knackered in the evenings & end up falling asleep on the sofa at half 9 but instead I do it at the weekend when I have more time.

    Me & my other half have been discussing this issue for ages now - we both think that physical exercise helps to perk us up loads more (it's a well known effect of the endorphins released) so we're determined to keep it up. I would def recommend doing some sort of exercise to anyone who feels down, I promise it really does help! Hope you find your sewjo soon Kat x

  2. I could have written everything you have posted. I feel the same about the winter. I would love to hibernate, and I do my version of that my curling up on the sofa under a blanket every evening. It's too cold, too dark and too blah to be motivated to sew much in the evenings. I am starting to knit more though, which I'm enjoying. Roll on spring, I really, really can't wait.

  3. I feel the same every winter, no motivation, energy or drive to do anything much apart from what is absolutely necessary. My college course work suffers because I can't knuckle down and my work room is cold, dark (north facing) and therefore particularly uninviting. I am sitting in the kitchen next to the lovely warm Aga, tapping away at this message, just about to pour a cup of tea and feeling guilty about not being creative. :/ Yesterday was sunnier and we got outside and did some garden clearing so my other half could get on with a diy project and it felt great being in the fresh, slightly warm air but today was back to dull and soooo cold ...

  4. argh i'm right there with you: "Most days all I want to do when I get home from work is curl up on the sofa under a blanket and veg out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening"

    I'm going to try putting on some upbeat music and sit down to sew just a small bit, like make a goal to just do one seam (and hopefully after i start i'll want to keep going, but if not i'll try again the next day)

    do you have a project in the works or do you need to start something new? buying new fabric always inspires me (or shop your stash if you have a large one)

  5. It's really hard and I'm sure if you get a little crafty gratification you may feel better. just dont feel guilty Join my swap ... You can knit instead of sewing..

  6. I hear ya Kat! Winter's the worst, it totally stifles creativity...damn you winter! I reckon you should make a pretty dress next (screw winter) to get you back into the spirit of fun sewing ;o) xxx

  7. Oh I totally agree! How can you have the energy and enthusiam to sew when getting through the dark miserable freeeezing day is an effort?!

    I think I've just gotten my energy back thanks to three things. One making something I knew would be a guaranteed win = a easy pattern I'd made before in a fun happy fabric.
    Two treating myself to the tilly blouse. I very rarely buy patterns right when they come out. I get them in sales or trades or epic ebay surfing sessions but I thought dammit just get it Amy!!!
    And three I'm so glad I entered some sew grateful competitions because winning really perked me up.

    Come enter my giveaway!!

  8. It's awfull in winter I wish I could hibernate too! I think I wouldn't mind winter so much if the sun was out more even if it is still bitterly cold! I have been trying to do just a small amount of sewing 15 mins where I can, that can help but doesn't always happen either!

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  10. Yup the short winter days, and general gloom can affect the mojo alright. I hope that when Spring starts to come through you'll feel better hun :)!

  11. Oooh, sewing ruts - I know them. I am sure thatthe weather has something to do with it, and then it's difficult because WHERE are we going to get photos when it's cold and nasty?



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