Monday 6 May 2013

Me Made May round-up: Week 1

Hello and happy May Day bank holiday to everyone who has a bank holiday today (I was going to say to everyone in the UK but I think perhaps Scotland does not have this day off...or did I make that up?!). It's a beautiful sunny day which is glorious, although I was not feeling so pleased about it when I went for a long and very hot run in it this morning (10K if you're interested, in preperation for the Bupa Women's 10K in Glasgow next Sunday, eep!). But now the running is over and I have no plans but BBQing and chilling for the rest of the day, I am ready to embrace the weather! I hope it's lovley where you are too.

Right, so, Me Made May! This year I have pledged to wear me-made garments at least 3 times a week. I will be doing a weekly round up each weekend (yes I missed the ball this time but hey ho, since it is a bank holiday today counts as a weekend!). I have decided to used calender weeks (Monday to Sunday) rather than counting each 7 day week from 1st May as my brain is easily confused and it's easier to keep track of things this way. So without further ado:

Day 1


Apologies for the overly bright photo, it was impossible to get anything better in the morning sun! Here I am wearing my Sewaholic Minoru jacket and (also Sewaholic) Renfrew top. Slightly boring outfit, but I struggle with work wear! I wear these two garments all the time, they are comfortable and practical, what more could I ask for.
Day 3
Casual Friday today - sporting a Colette patterns Sorbetto top. I haven't worn this top much recently, but I enjoyed wearing it and I think it will be brought out more often in future, especially during the remainder of Me Made May!
Day 4
Wearing my Sewaholic patterns Crescent skirt. This was one of the first garments I made, and still remains one of my most loved and most worn. I am plotting another crescent skirt or two in plain fabrics as I think it would make a great wardrobe staple. Oh and yes - that is the world famous Birmingham rag market in the background!
On Saturday Marie and I went on a reconasance mission to Birmingham in preperation for the meet up we are hosting along with Claire on 15th June (not long now - are you getting excited!?). What were we doing you may well ask - well, we mapped the rag market - quite literally!

Yep we've compiled a visual representation of all the best fabric and notions stalls to help you out on the day. Can you tell we're excited? I had to get a picture of Marie and I with the results of all our hard work so we asked a young Chinese couple to take a picture of us...
I think perhaps in retrospect I should have explained to them that we would be posing with a peice of paper and making silly faces because they looked extreamly confused and kept asking "Are you ok?" "Is that your pose??". Much hilarity was had. There were sillier pictures but my camera has a habit of randomly deleting pictures and so we have been left with the sensible one - probably for the best!
Oh and in case you were wondering, I didn't buy a single piece of fabric during my trip to Birmingham - I was so proud of myself. I am committed to my stash busting challenge and this weekend I have started work on the first of the three garments I muct complete before the meet-up. I am determined to succeed!
What are you up to this long weekend - do you have any sewing plans or will you be out enjoying the sunshine? Or are you at work (boo!)? 
K xx


  1. Woo hoo can't wait! Glad you're getting on with your challenge - how awful would it be if you couldn't buy any fabric?!

    1. I know, I can't even begin to imagine the horror! The fear of not completing it is what keeps me going (as was the idea!)

  2. Kate - well done on yours and Marie's mapping-work :) Plus, don't worry about fabric - I got some ready to bring in June to swap LOL ;)!

    1. I think if I don't complete the challenge the ban will cover fabric gained in a swap as well...eep!

    2. ....Oopps hope you meet the challenge head-on then hun ;)!

  3. Wow, that is dedication to a meet up! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  4. What a great day that we had mapping the much fun, but weirdly knackering!!!

  5. It looks like you are both very organised! I will certainly be using your table of results to assist me in my shopping during the meet up. I don't have enough self control to join in the stash busting challenege so bring on all the fabric you can :D xxx

  6. Hello Lovely.
    Did you ever scan this map into your computer? A friend asked me what the lay of the land was in the market but I can't seem to find my physical copy of the map any more :-)



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