Saturday 12 October 2013

Normal service will resume shortly...

We moved into our new house last week (just one day before Marie moved into her's - there is not really a mass Leicester exodus going on, to my knowledge at least) and the last few days have been a blur of boxes and small victories - it's amazing how exciting it can be to unpack something as insignificant as a good chopping board that has been hidden for days! I was sad to leave Leicester after over 7 years there but I am excited to move out of the city and start a new adventure.

While we are making progress with getting the house in order, I'm not sure there is going to be much sewing going on in these parts just yet. I'm lucky enough to have my own sewing room (a.k.a the spare room) in the new place, but it is currently looking a bit like this...

...a bit of work to do here I think you'll agree! If it was up to me the sewing room would be the first to be sorted out, but unfortunately the boy doesn't agree...

At least someone is making herself at home...

As long as Sally has a sofa and her biscuits she's happy!

I am excited to make the new house a home and furnish it with handmade goodness. We left all our curtains at the old house and although we have managed to snag a few freebies to keep us going in the meantime, I really want to try making my own curtains. This will be a first for me though and I'm frankly a bit clueless...if anyone out there has dabbled in curtain-making I would be most grateful for any hints, tips or handy links you can offer. Right...boxes are calling...or maybe a bit of X Factor...hmmmm...

P.S - apologies for poor quality iPhone pics...if anyone has any idea where I might have hidden my camera (in a box is not a valid answer) please let me know!

K xx


  1. Oooh, I love moving house, or, at least the unpacking side of things! I've only made curtains once and it was a long time ago so my memory is a bit dim. But you'll need a lot of fabric and an ability to sew straight lines patiently.

  2. Yay congratulations! The outside looks lovely, can't wait to see what you do with the inside! Happy home sweet home sewing...

  3. Congratulations again my lovely! You look so happy sitting out on your front step - I think country living will suit you xx

  4. Good luck in your new house! It's a few years since I've made curtains, because I made my sister all her curtains when she moved into her apartment - I never want to see another piece of curtain tape again! That said, it was before I started sewing clothes; and looking back, I can see how knowing how to sew clothes would make sewing curtains much easier. I think I just googled something like "how to make curtains" to see about seam allowances etc. My top tips would be to have plenty of space to lay out the fabric and triple-check the measurements. Also, if you've ever matched a print in clothes sewing, it will be a doddle on curtains.

  5. Hello I did this post a few years ago on curtain making. It was my first ever post so apologies if it's less than helpful, but thought I'd stick it on here just in case it helps :-)

  6. Congrats on the new digs! Good luck on curtain making and unpacking.

  7. Hope the unpacking, decorating 'n' general mayhem calm down for you soon hun. Luv, Clairex :)

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