Tuesday 15 March 2011

Gifts Galore and Pretty Patterns

OK so gifts "galore" might be a bit of an exaggeration, as it implies lots and lots, but i just couldn't resist the alliteration :)

So, since my last post i have delivered my first two handmade gifts! The first was the shoulder bag i made for my mum, which she was very impressed with (and i am mostly sure she actually was, rather than just saying it because she's my mum!). The second was a birthday present for a very lovely friend of mine who is partly responsible for reintroducing me to the wonderful world of crafty goodness! (Hello if you read this!). I can now post pictures as she has opened her gift! So her present was a little bag intended for the storage of sewing bits and bobs. I chose some gorgeous fabric from Leicester market for the outside, and managed my very first "external" zip which was much easier than i expected.

However, i think my absolute favouritist bit about this bag (and yes i realise that is not a real word) is the awesome is this!

I found it in a local department store and just knew i had to have it. The perfect finishing touch!

I have also begun my tentative foray into dressmaking by buying my first dress pattern: (once i had overcome my horror at the dress size i required from these vintage patterns!!)

I really like both versions of this dress. I haven't really thought about fabrics yet, but probably a light cotton, something summer-y (i live in hope!).  

I still have one more March gift to complete (so many birthdays in March!) but i am a little unsure about it, there may be some reworking involved. I am making a little purse and was planning to use some bias binding to finish it off. However, this turned out to be more difficult than expected, largely because i can't figure out how to sew it around the corners. I am considering making a rounded flap to overcome this problem....basically I'm making it up as i go along! We shall see....!

K x


  1. Hi Kat,

    Welcome to the blog and crafting worlds!

    Your bags look great. They are lovely gifts, anyone would be impressed with receiving.

    I'd recommend trying an easy pattern to start with if you are just starting out in dressmaking. Don't worry, I'm a UK 12-14 but am and 16-18 in dressmaking patterns!

  2. Hi Law, thank you! I have ordered myself the New Look 6557 pattern after seeing it on your made it sound relatively simple to make, so i live in hope!! There are so many beautiful options of summer dresses, it was just what i was looking for. Now which to try first, that is the question! I am still a little scared of taking the first leap into dressmaking though, so will for sure be making proper muslin's this space :) x

  3. GORGEOUS little zipped purse, it looks really professional, you could definitely sell those! I agree with Law, choose an easy pattern first - I made an A-line skirt and still wear it all the time. And yes, I'm a size 12 top and the 1930's rabbit blouse I recently made was a vintage size 16! x

  4. Thank you so much Jane :) Ooooh i have some lovely material destined to be a skirt but am currently patternless...which pattern did you use for your A-line skirt? Sounds like just what i need! x

  5. Hi Kat,

    Your purse looks lovely very well done I'm sure your friend was very pleased and where did you find that lining from it's gorgeous!

    I agree with all the comments above definitly start with something easy as it can be very off putting if it's just to hard.

  6. Thank you! The lining was from Fenwicks in Leicester, they have a section for 'craft fabrics' in the habadashery department which is where I stumbled across this. I think they had it white on black too. They had some adorable fabrics, worth a look! x

  7. Bags are looking so nice.I like home made gifts.Gifts remove the harder lines.



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