Tuesday 22 March 2011

Pattern Aquisitions!

So my first pattern arrived in the post today - exciting! It is this one:

Butterick B5209

On first glance it is absolutely terrifying, with instructions such as " Gather lower edge of two bodice front sections between small circles" Huh??? What circles? However on closer inspection of the pattern this instruction began to make more sense, which made me panic less. However the pattern is on ridiculously thin paper so i am defiantly going to trace it, and make a muslin first before i brave proper fabric!

After admiring the lovely dress made by Laura: in a tangle i also went ahead and ordered the New Look many pretty dresses, the only question will be which to make first (or, rather, which best suits my limited ability in that it is the least likely to go catastrophically wrong!).

New Look 6557
After advice from comments on my last post to start with something simple such as a skirt, i am also considering taking part in the Sewaholic Crescent Skirt Sew along, although i am a bit worried about whether i will be able to keep up. If anyone has any easy skirt patterns they would recommend for my first attempt, suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Just noticed that all but one of my posts have "Pattern" in the title....i will attempt to be more imaginative next time!

K x


  1. Lovely pattern, really elegant. The very first thing I ever made was a simple A-line skirt. I used New Look 6843 and I'd really recommend it for a first skirt. x

  2. Wow i'm chuffed my dress inspired you.

    You don't have to worry about keeping up with a sew along. You can follow at your own pace. I also agree with Jane, and that a simple skirt is a good starting point. That way you only have to worry about one measurement, your waist!

  3. OoOoOoOoh, lovely patterns indeed!!! I particularly love the retro Butterick one. Checked out the lovely spring fabrics at Fenwick's yet?

    I've not made a skirt before either and although I'm very tempted by the Crescent Skirt sew-along, I just don't know if the style will suit me...booo!

  4. Thanks for the skirt tips, it does indeed sound like a good starting point!

    Marie, I haven't made it to Fenwicks yet but I definitely will go and check out their new fabrics...might have to be after pay day though!!!



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