Thursday 19 May 2011

It Looks Like a Skirt!

So, my Crescent Skirt is starting to take shape and look like a skirt! (This is not the best picture, so you're going to have to take my word for it a little!!)

....and a picture of the wrong side, just because i am so proud at how neat it looks....(although i think the waistband seams need pressing again!).

And the best bit? It fits! I pinned it on, and i am so happy with the adjustments i made as they seem to have done the trick. In fact, if anything it is now too big. However that should be easy to alter when it comes to inserting the zip. Fingers crossed everything will still be OK once it's all finished!

I love this pattern more and more as i go along. The fullness of the skirt, the fantastic pockets, i love it all! I was hoping to get the skirt finished by tomorrow as it's my birthday (woop!) and i wanted to wear it then...however this would have meant going it alone as the Sew-Along still has a couple of weeks left. I did consider this, but Tasia's instructions, pictures and tips in the Sew-Along are so helpful and well explained that i decided i would rather wait and get it done properly! Still, i can't wait to have it finished. I am already thinking up my next Crescent Skirt....maybe in a plain fabric.

So what do i have left to do? Well, i need to line the skirt by making a lining (basically a skirt front and two skirt backs, without the pocket sections), and attaching the lining to the waistband facing. I need to insert the zip, and attach the lining and facing. Then i need to hem the skirt and lining. Easy peasy, right?? Hmmmm....we shall see!

In other news, i have been asked to make my first ever commissioned item! A colleague of mine has asked me to make a bag for his girlfriend, so i have started cutting for this. I am so nervous to make something that someone will pay money for, but fingers crossed it will go this space!

K xx


  1. Ooh, pretty!! I've pinned mine on too, isn't it a gorgeous shape?! :D I can't wait have mine finished, and to see everyone elses!
    Ashley x

  2. Yay, it's looking great Kat!!! Happy Birthday too for tomorrow, hope you have a great day, xx



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