Friday 29 April 2011

Crescent Skirt Muslin

Happy Royal Wedding Day everyone! Did you watch it? Initially I didn't think that i was all that bothered about it to be honest, but i have found myself getting caught up in all the build up. And i do love a good wedding! My parents have gone away for the weekend to France, apparently deliberately to escape the Royal Wedding, but I'm not sure they will be successful as there seems to be pretty much global coverage from the sounds of it! Will and Kate seem a nice, well matched couple, and i wish them well. I thought Kate looked absolutely stunning, and I'm loving all the lace on her dress.

So, rather than take advantage of the fact that anyone called Katherine/Catherine (or William) gets in free to London Zoo this weekend (and i was tempted!!), i decided to use this bonus day off we have to catch up on some sewing!

This morning i finished my Crescent Skirt muslin!! I am very excited as this is the very first wearable item i have ever made. It came together pretty easily - the gathers were a little fiddly but they seem to look ok. I sewed around the seams of each fabric peice prior to sewing it together, as suggested by Tasia, and this flags up both my problems with sewing in straight lines, and also matching up fabric peices! Hopefully this will all get better with practice...and i think there was an improvement even while i was making the skirt, which can only be a good thing.

I'm pretty pleased with the result, as my muslin fits well and does not really require many changes. However, I am planning to make the following adjustments:

1) Add about 1/2 an inch to the waistband. I have quite a high natural waist, and prefer to wear skirts a little lower, so i am going to add a tiny bit to the waist to allow for this.

2) Lengthen skirt. I am planning to add about an inch to the isn't terribly short at the moment, but i think to wear it for work or without tights i would be happier if it was just a little longer.

This morning i washed the fabric for my real skirt - exciting! However it did make me realise i have bought enough to make about 3 skirts...opps! Better to be safe than sorry though....! I bought some thin cotton for the lining, but then i noticed that Tasia suggested something a bit "slippery" so that it doesn't ride up - does anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you think i could get away with the cotton? And if not, what fabric is best? Suggestions are well much appreciated! I can't wait to get started with my real skirt :)

I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend (those of you who are lucky enough to have one!). Right, I'm off to go and sit in a beer garden somewhere... (as long as the rain holds off!)

K xxx


  1. Looks great! I took photos of my muslin too earlier, though I have yet to post them.
    I lined my Beignet skirt in a non-slippery cotton. When I wear it with woollen tights it rides up like nobodies business! lol not a good look. But now that its warmer I've tried wearing it without tights and it's fine. So I think if you don't plan on wearing tights with it, you should be ok :)
    Ashley x

  2. Oh wow! you really are getting into this! I love that you're making clothes. Loooovely! xx

  3. Nice progress Kat - the muslin looks great, you should be feeling very smug right now ;o) I've pinned my waistband to the skirt, but still need to sew it and insert the zip...still not convinced the style will 'suit' my muffin tops, but I'll soon find out I guess!

    I wasn't bothered about the Royal Wedding either today, but I had to tune in to see the dress and I certainly wasn't disappointed! After that, I got sucked into watching the rest...hehe!

  4. I usually line my cotton skirts and dresses (including the Crescent I made!) with cotton batiste or lawn, and have never had the riding up issue ... but then I never wear tights! For a breezy summer skirt, it shouldn't be a problem, I would think!

    On lowering the waist ... that is what I wanted too, but I didn't think about where the gathering would hit, and on my first version I think just making the yoke larger made the gathers start in a slightly weird place. So for the next one, I'm going to go back to the size the envelope says I should be, but lop off the top inch or so of the yoke and see how I like that.

    As for the Royal Wedding ... what I am jealous of is that holiday!

  5. Kat, if you are planning on using this as a winter skirt too, then I think you'll want to use a slippery fabric to line it with as Tasia suggests. If you go to Stuart or our favourite market man and as to see their lining fabrics, I'm sure they'll have a range of polyester type ones. That's what I plan on doing. Also, Fenwick have loads of lining fabric (in all sorts of colours) and it's only £2.50ish a metre I think! Hope this helps!

  6. Thanks for all the advice...yesterday i bought some "slippery" fabric (from our favourite man at the market Marie...i did actually have a look to see if the stall has a name but couldn't spot one, so he shall remain 'our favorite man'!). Not sure exactly what it is, or if it is suitable, but i figure it's worth a go. I am toying with the idea of making it a slip rather than lining initially, as i think Tasia is going to cover both, so i can see how it goes and avoid committing!



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