Tuesday 13 September 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Hello Everyone!

So I returned from my American adventures early this week. It all went far to quickly and we had a fantastic time. Here is one of my favourite pictures from our holiday, taken in Yosemite National Park. The views are just stunning! There might be a few more pictures coming up once i have had a chance to go through them all...i think i took over 1500 in total from the whole holiday, which my boyfriend finds hilarious. My thinking is though, the more pictures i take the better the chances that i will get some awesome ones :)

So now I'm back my thoughts have turned to my next sewing projects! As always i have an ambitious list of projects lined up which include:

- My first Pendrell Blouse
- A knitted birthday gift
- A second Crescent Skirt

I am also planning another dress...i have a couple of weddings coming up as well as the christening of my soon-to-be godson, so i would love something special to wear. I am currently favouring the Crepe Dress by Colette Patterns...

I love the wrap style of this dress and have seen several versions floating around with lovely contrast sashes (for example this one by Handmade Jane) which i think is a great touch. Now just to pick out fabrics...i am unsure of what colour to go for, perhaps a light coloured print with a deep red/maroon contrast sash? Or maybe a plain colour for the main fabric. Any suggestions welcome :)

I also need to start thinking about Christmas sewing (yep, the C word, i do apologise!!) lots to do!

What does everyone else have lined up for the next few months? I can't wait to hear everyone's plans :)

K xx


  1. Wow, what a stunning photo! I can't wait to see more :)
    I have Christmas knitting planned. But other than that, I'm not really sure what my crafty plans are! I'm currently working on a Pendrell dress!
    Ashley x

  2. Welcome back Kat! Please do share some more photos, the ones you have so far are stunning!

    Your sewing plans sounds ambitious, but so achievable as you're such a pro now! It must be the time for Pendrell newcomers at the moment, as I've got one on the go too ;o)



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