Tuesday 25 October 2011

Dabbling in Applique

I am very excited to be able to report a new skill! At the weekend i went on a Fabric Customisation course which was run by Spinsters Emporium in Nottingham (I've probably said it before, but i just love the name!). By popular request we spent most of the session on Applique. Although i have had a vague knowledge of this technique for some time, this was the first time that i have actually tried it - and i must admit, i am now hooked! It is a really effective way to add lovely unique touches to clothes, bags or whatever else takes your fancy.

My applique in progress

I was really surprised how simple applique is to do. Since i was at a class i did not take step by step photographs, but i will try and give you an overview of the method we used...

1) Choose a design which you would like to applique

2) Trace the design onto the paper side of a sheet of bondaweb - fabulous stuff which is basically a double-sided adhesive layer with paper attached to one side.

3) Press the bondaweb to the WRONG side of your chosen applique fabric

4) Cut out the shape and then peel off the paper layer of the bondaweb. At this stage you will be left with a fabric shape with adhesive on one side.

5) Press the applique shape onto your base fabric or garment to attach.

6) Zigzag stitch either by hand or machine around the applique shape to finish

I have a feeling that you may be seeing applique on lots of my makes in future! The possibilities are endless...bags, cushions, clothes, whatever you fancy. It's such a great way to add personal touches to items. I love it!

In other news, i received a belated birthday present from my brother this week...Cath Kidston's new book!

I have been eyeing this up for some time as i am keen to have a go at patchwork and quilting. Tempted as i am to get started on the free project kit right away (bag or cushion, i can't decide!), i really must get started on my Christmas presents...hopefully i will be reporting some progress on these here soon!

K xx


  1. Thanks for sharing your applique knowledge, I'm keen to give it a go! What I want to know, is why the bondaweb? Can't you just stitch one piece of fabric to another without the bondaweb?

    What a great gift from your brother by the way!!!

  2. Marie, I think you don't absolutely have to use the bondaweb, but it makes things easier by holding the appliqué in place while you stitch, and also it stops it fraying. You also have the option of only using bondaweb to attach it and not sewing round it, however the sewing makes the attachment stronger and also is a nice decorative feature!

    I should probably say that I did point my brother in the direction of this and a couple of other books...however he still did well :)

  3. Thanks Kat, this makes perfect sense. I can see that the bondaweb would make things'h!

    Yeah I gathered you may have guided your brother...hehe!

  4. I also love appliqué. It can really transform an article. I originally tried it without the fusible webbing, but I couldn't get a flat finish. I found you via the Crafty Christmas Club and am looking forward to seeing more of your sewing projects, as your latest follower.

  5. Thanks Pam! Nice of you to stop by :)



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