Tuesday 4 October 2011

Sewing Room Progress and Yet More Fabric Aquisitions....

So the big move has taken place, and all my stuff (far more than the poor boyfriend ever thought it was possible for one person to own!) has been moved across Leicester to my new abode! It has been a long process of packing and unpacking, and although we are nowhere near finished, progress have definitely been made. So now that the worst is over, my thoughts have, of course, turned to sorting out the sewing room! I am lucky enough to have a designated space to sew in, and although it officially doubles as the spare room, the official name in "our" house (!!!) is The Sewing Room. After a trip to Ikea on Friday to pick up some storage solutions (it's got to be done!) i set to work on sorting it out.

Here is a before picture:

Sorry for the slightly poor photographs today by the way, my camera has been located but sadly not my charger, so i had to resort to using my phone camera. It does the job, but the lighting is not right. Here is another picture, after a few hours of organising...

 Much better! It is by no means fully sorted yet, as there is still some more furniture to go in the room yet, and hopefully some shelves at some point, but it is certainly looking a lot more like a usable space. Which is good news as i have many Sewing Plans for the next few months!

On Saturday i took some time out of unpacking and sorting out to go fabric shopping with the lovely Marie. It was great to have a second opinion, and we found plenty of fabrics which would perfectly suit our favourite patterns! So what did i buy? Have a look...

Fabric for my Colette Crepe Dress - complete with contrast sash
A funky Pendrell Blouse perhaps?

Super cute fabric destined, perhaps, for Christmas quilts for
some little people i know

Lovely maroon lace, maybe for a top?

When i was in Ikea i also found myself in their Textiles department - something i don't remember noticing last time i was there, but those were in my pre-sewing days! Most of the fabric were heavy upholstery-types, but i did find some muslin-like fabric prices at a bargainous £1.62 per metre! So i snapped up the rest of the roll...about 6 and a half metres in total. That should keep me going for a bit!

Lots of bargainous muslin!
 I am also starting an Intermediate Knitting Course tomorrow at my local wool shop Knit One. I am excited to learn some new knitting skills to help me tackle even more complex patterns, and of course to meet some fellow knitters! Watch this space to see how i get on :)

K xx


  1. How exciting! Your sewing space is looking good! Enjoy knitting tomorrow, can't wait to start my beginner's course next week, then we can go yarn shopping together too ;o)

  2. Ooh, I love organising stuff into storage space! I like shelves and drawers and little cubby holes :)
    Have fun at your knitting class, I look forward to hearing about it :)
    Ashley x



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