Tuesday 6 March 2012

Beginners Crochet Classes

Wow! What a busy 3 weeks that has been! I couldn't believe it when I noticed how long it has been since I last posted. I have been crafting away behind the scenes, but life in general has meant that I have nothing finished to show for it just yet. However, I do have a few bits to share with you.

Last week, Marie and I began a beginners crochet course at Knit One, our local knitting shop (the very same place I previously attended an intermediate knitting class). I have been excited to learn crochet for some time after seeing many beautiful crocheted items made by friends and others on Ravelry.

After the first class this is what I had to show for myself:

Crochet was much more fiddly than I expected! Note the sloping edges in the second picture - this is due to the fact that I kept missing the edge stitches...opps!

However, after the second lesson yesterday, I had made slightly more progress. I'm quite proud of this little sampler which uses three different stitches. (Note for American readers, apparently the stitches have different names in the UK and US...confusing).

I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I can't wait to start investigating patterns and seeing what I can make with my new found skill...although I think I will be sticking to very very easy patterns for the near future! I am looking forward to making more progress as the course continues. If anyone has any recommendations for easy crochet patterns, I would love to hear them.

Right off to work on my St nearly finished!!

K xx


  1. I practiced the double and half treble last night and I even managed not to crochet so tightly...bonus! Tonight, I'll probably give the treble a go...I only managed one row in class, so I hope I remember what to do!

    Definitely more fiddly than I imagined ;o)

  2. Oh wow, I'm still trying to get to grips with crochet.

    My mum has shown me the basics, and Shivani at Pins and needles sent me links to cool tutorials, but I still can't do it. Yours looks fab.

    I'd suggest giving some granny squares a go to start with, as you can always use them as coasters. I can't even get beyond double crochet at the mo, but good luck on your crochet journey!

  3. Your crocheting is looking great! I have moments of brilliance with it, and then moments of sheer stupidity. And I still can't get the stitches into my head, I have to keep looking them up.



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