Thursday 5 April 2012

Knitting Needle Rolls

Most of my crafty friends were spring babies. I don't know why this is - perhaps there is an interesting research project here, to investigate whether those with spring birthdays are more likely to be crafty. (Feel free to correct me if you are born at any other time of year!). This is probably just a coincidence, but what it does mean is that every year I have to think up lots of present ideas in a short space of time. This year, I went with variations on a theme and made knitting needle rolls.

These are relatively simple to make - providing you can sew in a straight line! They are basically a roll with a large divided pocket for knitting needles, a smaller one for crochet hooks, plus a felt swatch for yarn needles and any other bits and bobs that you may want to keep in them. I added wadding in between the outer and inner fabrics to add some structure and protection. Each one was personalised depending on who it was made for, with appropriate fabrics and different features as necessary - for example, for my friend who is more into crochet than knitting, I increased the size of the smaller pocket to give room for all her crochet hooks.  I came up with the pattern myself, based on a few different examples I have seen in the past. I did take a few pictures whilst sewing so I could post a tutorial - please let me know if you would be interested in this!

I am pretty pleased with how they came out, and I love all the different fabric combinations. Next I think perhaps I will make one for myself...!

In other news, I am VERY excited to be attending my very first blogger meet up on Saturday! This is being held in Walthamstow and is being organised by Claire of Sew Incidentally.... Fabric shopping AND meeting other sewing bloggers AND a swap....almost too much excitement :)

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend...and maybe I will meet some of you on Saturday!

K xx


  1. What a fabulous idea! And such a pretty one too! Have a great time in Walthamstowe - blogging crafters all over the globe wish we could be there too!

  2. Yes please to the tutorial - they are lovely!!!

  3. I need to make some so the tutorial will see so welcome...

  4. Oooo!! These are lovely! The most important person to make one for is yourself!! Have a great day on Saturday, I am only a tiny bit jealous... :)



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