Sunday 29 April 2012

FO: Safari Print Pyjamas

Karen's Pyjama Party...Day Two??

Yes, i know, I'm late to Karen's Pyjama excuse? I give you a clue, one of the following is true.

1) I found another party to attend which was even more fabulous than Karen's (well we all know that this can't be true....)

2) While desperately trying to get my PJs finished in time for yesterday's big reveal, I found that I had accidentally sewed the wrong legs together. Therefore instead of spending the evening wearing my beautiful new pyjamas, I spent it unpicking the legs. Which I had french-seamed. Opps.

I got there in the end though, and it was definitely worth the wait :)

The Pattern: Simplicity 2116

The Fabric: 2 and a half metres of awesome safari animal print cotton, £5/m from Leicester market

Any adjustments to the pattern?: I cut a large based on my hip measurement, however they are quite big so I think I would have been OK with a medium. I lengthened the trousers by 2 inches to account for my long legs, and I cut 2 inches off the top waist as it was too big. 

The details: I french-seamed everything in sight to give a neat finish which I'm really proud of, and added a tag to mark the back a recommended by Karen (a great tip!).

Would I make this again, and if so would I change anything? I will definitely be making these again, they are so comfy. With shop-bought pyjamas I often struggle to find ones that are long enough, so it was great to be able to control the length.

Sally cat comes to admire my new pyjamas

Overall a great make - a big thanks to Karen for organising the Pyjama Party! It's been great fun seeing everyone elses PJs :)

Karen asked us to say what we are reading in our PJ posts. As you can see above, I am currently reading "Eat, Pray, Love". I fell asleep during the film, and I thought the book had to be better. So far I am finding it a bit hard to get into, but I live in hope it will improve!
On a slightly different note, I am flying to Glasgow tomorrow for work and want to know if I can take knitting needles with me either in hand luggage or in checked-in baggage...does anyone know the current rules on this? I don't really want to be stopped at security in front of my new boss....!! Any advice appreciated! We are flying with BMI if that makes any difference.

K xx


  1. Hey Kat! Love the fabric of your PJs! Nice and colourful! I had fears of sewing the legs of my PJs together wrong too so I wouldn't worry too much!

    Eat Pray Love did take a while to get in to, but I did enjoy it in the end.

    Re the knitting needles - from what I can gether, it all comes down to each individual customs person and whether they will let you take them - According to the aviation authority, they're ok in your hand luggage, but I know people who have been stopped for having them and had them confiscated. I thought about taking them in my hand luggage last time I went away, but decided not to risk it in the end.

    1. Thanks Helen! I decided not to take my needles in the end - too risky!

  2. Great PJs!

    I flew with bamboo needles and didn't get stopped at security. But I did later read on Heathrow's website that they can confiscate them. Just depends on the security person checking.

  3. I love your jammies, They're fab!! Re the knitting needles, I would go with a no. In the city airport in Belfast there are signs saying what you can and can not bring onto a plane, and knitting needles is in the "no" list. And it's BMI that I would be using there. It's not worth the risk to lose your knitting! :)

  4. Eeep, I love them!!! And I can't believe you're already jest-setting with work!!!

  5. Cool jammies, I like the safari theme. You should have a 'no animals were harmed' disclaimer ;)

  6. Hi, I've nominated you for a Versatile blogger award, please see for more details. I hope you will accept :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I am totally on it :)

  7. Cute PJs! Love the fabric you've used. :-) (Although I continue to wonder about the sizing in pajama patterns. They always seem to be far too big - what's up with that?!? You'd think they'd have it figured out by now. *sigh*)

    And re. Eat, Pray, Love - I found it got worse the further I read. Gave up part-way through the third section of the book. But that may have just been me. ;-)



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