Sunday 6 May 2012

Dressform Advice Wanted!

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. It's a bank holiday here in the UK which is fantastic - I am hoping to get in some quality sewing time tomorrow on my extra day off. However, for now I have a question for my fellow sewists. My parents have very kindly offered to buy me a dressform for my birthday which is in two weeks time. I have had a quick Google, and I must say I am completly baffed by the choice! I would like one which is adjustable, but how many adjustments do I really need? If you have a dressform, which make do you have? What are the pros and cons, and are there any that I should avoid? All help and advice will be very gratefully received! :)

K xx


  1. Hey Hun , my one is adjustable and it's lovely to look at but I cannot use to help me with most fitting. My back lengthen is longer and my shoulder are narrower.. My advice you check your measurements so the fit matches.
    Also "home sense " sell it too for a bout £60 good lucky on the hunt. Ps name it too x

  2. I've been puzzling over dress forms too. I wondered whether it's worth paying out for one that adujusts in the body too : . Does anyone know? Andrea XX

  3. Did you ever decide on a dressform to buy? I had been wondering about this too. I talked to another blogger about it and she purchased

    I don't live in the UK and the company doesn't ship international, so I have to keep looking. But I see that you do live in the UK, so maybe that company would be good to check out. I purchased a very cheap adjustable one, that turns out not to be the correct size (even though its adjustable).



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