Saturday 7 July 2012

Commuter Crafting

It may seem as if not a lot of knitting has been going on in these parts over recent months, but that is not the case! I have been quietly beavering away and am making really great progress with two knitting projects. How is it that I have the time to knit but so little time to sew? Ah. That would be the train. Three months ago I started a new job and went from being able to cycle to work to having a 40-50 minute train journey twice a day. I don't mind the train, but I do get bored if I have nothing to occupy myself (a daily scan of the Metro only takes so long!). I have always enjoyed knitting on the train, but now I have taken it to a whole new level and I am AMAZED at how quickly things knit up when you have a dedicated hour or so a day to work on them.

Project 1: Letitia Jumper designed by Sarah Hatton from Issue 42 of The Knitter. This is a gorgeous lightweight jumper...I guess ideal for spring but I am going with autumn!

I am using a 100% cotton yarn from Patons which is actually a beautiful deep red rather than the fluorescent pink it looks like - I promise! In about 2 months I have completed the back and one sleeve - so about half way through. I love how it is looking so far, with the eyelet stitch detail and also the lacy yoke which hopefully you can see better in the close-up below. I am very excited to finish this jumper!

Project 2: Orlaith the Owl cushion from The Ultimate Knitting Stylebook. I picked this book up from Sainsbury's a few months ago much to the amusement of my boyfriend, who described it as an expensive magazine. However, I am so glad I did. This book is far more than a magazine, a collection of over 70 knit and crochet patterns all in one place. There is so much in here that I want to knit, but those of you who know my lifelong love of owls will not be at all surprised with the first project I chose...

Such a cute owl cushion! I have gone for a slightly muted colour palette compared to the photograph and am basing it on purples and reds - such a great way to use up scraps of yarn!

This has now been relegated from a train project to a home project since the front requires multiple balls of wool and I just know I would get into a tangled mess on the train (I manage to get into a tangled mess at home equally as well, however, at least I am unlikely to need to make a speedy exit from the sofa, and there tend to be less people around for me to tie up in knots with the multiple balls!).

I am very glad that even though my new job means I have less time to sew, it also means I have more time to knit. I never seem to get any funny looks knitting on the train either - people must be used to it by now!!!

Do you knit on the train? Or do any other form of crafting on the go? I would be really interested in your recommendations of portable projects!

K xx 


  1. Wow, wow, wow! Your knitting projects and progress is amazing! The detail on the jumper is looking impressive and I love the owl cushion...ack! Great stuff! xxx

  2. Oh! Your jumper is looking great. I don't think I could concentrate on a complicated stitch pattern on a bus or train! And I love the owl!!

  3. I occasionally make things on trains, but find my 15 minute train commute is just not long enough really. I have to get a bus too and have done more on that as it's 25 minutes and on my way to work I get off where it terminates so I have a few extra seconds to get myself sorted. I couldn't follow a complicated pattern however - I usually crochet with a pattern from my head! I have however cross stitched on a long train journey, but I had plenty of time then. I have even packed wool and a crochet hook for our flight to Singapore in a few days. You are not alone!

  4. That owl cushion is so cute! I tend to read blogs and things when I'm travelling so I have more time to do things when I get home :)



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