Tuesday 31 July 2012

We have a winner!

It's time to pick a winner for my Sisterhood of the Travelling Sewing Book giveaway, with a little help from random number generator. Drumroll please.....

Congratulations to daisymarmalade who says:

 "I would love the Mollie Makes magazine if I win, thanks."

One MollieMakes heading your way Daisy...please drop me an email with your address :)

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? I have been enjoying some of the more random sports - beach vollyball in the rain anyone?! And didn't our gymnastics boys do well. Sadly we did not manage to get tickets to watch any of the events (not from lack of trying!!), although we are going to see the Paralympics athletics in a few weeks time. Exciting stuff. I'm getting quite sucked into this whole olympics business...come on Team GB!! However, for the next few days I will be heading off to what will pretty much be an olympics free zone, as I am going to a spa with my mum. Mmmm relaxation! :) See you on the other side!

K xx

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow! I never thought I would win this giveaway since so many people wanted to win the same magazine. Thank you so much. I can't see how to email you so perhaps you can send me a message and I can reply - Best wishes,



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