Sunday 18 November 2012

Sunday Crafty Musings

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I can't believe it's Sunday afternoon already. On the plus side, this week is a 4 day working week for me. It is my boyfriend's birthday this week and we are off to Wales for a long weekend. I'm thinking winter walks, pubs with roaring log fires and mulled wine. Perfect!

Today I was all ready to have an afternoon of making something and was geared up to start on a dress when I realised I still had to pre-wash my fabric. D'oh. Sadly I'm not one of those people who washes new fabric straight away - I wish I was this organised. However, I have now put a whole load of fabric in the wash so that should keep me going for...well, probably about a year the rate I'm going at the moment!

Instead I did a really quick project. I have spoken about my love of owls here before, and some time ago I picked up this awesome fabric, which I have been saving for the right project.

Some time ago a friend told me about someone who had made an iPhone case using a clear shell and a piece of fabric cut to the right shape. I think this is brilliant idea and look what I made today...

So cute. It literally took about 20 minutes to make (in fact it took me more time to decide which of the many different owls on the fabric to feature!) and I love the fact that there is the potential to change the fabric around any time I like. The clear case I ordered from ebay for a few pounds. In order to give it a bit of structure, and hopefully to minimise fraying, I glued it to a piece of paper cut to size. Simples :)

It other news, if you want to take part in the Sewist's Secret Santa, don't forget to send me your details this week (see here for the plan!). I have managed to find a Santa hat to draw the names from and it's already starting to fill up...exciting!!

Right, off for a Sunday evening of knitting, X Factor and Homeland. Happy days!

K xx

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