Thursday 11 July 2013

In praise of pyjamas

Karen recently posed the question of whether people have "home clothes". Mine have got to be pyjamas - or more specifically, pyjama bottoms. Snuggly in winter with thick socks and a dressing gown, and if made into shorts or with a light fabric they can be surprisingly cool in the summer paired with a vest top. I've always been a big fan of pyjamas. Back when I was a student, I would spend large portions of the day, especially at the weekend, in my PJs. Sadly I can't really get away with that anymore, but I still frequently change into them as soon as I get home - they are the most comfortable item of clothing known to man (I challenge you to find anything as comfortable - except perhaps a onsie, I would imagine, but definitely more acceptable!).
I have now made three pairs of pyjamas using the Simplicity 2116 pattern and I love them. I swear I am never buying RTW PJs again and am already planning some shorts versions for me and Mr KK. I like my pyjamas long, and being tall, this was pretty much impossible to find. Now I just whack and extra 2" onto the pattern pieces - simples! The only other change I made was to lop about 2" off the top of the PJs before sewing the waistband - I guess I like mine to sit a little lower than intended.


This pattern is really quick to whip up, and that's even taking into account that I have used french seams for all three versions - I just love how neat and strong this makes them. Even since I acquired my overlocker, I still can't resist a french seam. The only exception was the hems, which i overlocked and then folded and stitched once.
Another advantage to making your own pyjamas is that there are so many awesome prints out there - you can choose some really quirky fabrics. My local market is full of amazing options. The first pair I made out of safari print cotton which I think was quilting weight so it wasn't particularly drapey. It worked just fine but the next two pairs I have made with much lighter cotton and this works really well (not to mention it feels lovely against your skin). 

This is my most recent pair, made just in time for Karen's Pyjama Party (part 2). I made these with a lovely soft cotton purchased at the recent Birmingham meet-up. I made a slightly late-in-the-day attempt to match the plaid, just to see if I could. You can see in the photo below that I managed it ok at the front of the crotch (left hand side) but not so well along the bum. Oh well - it's not like I was really trying or anything...!

Apologies for the creasing - they had just been washed!

Do you love to make pyjamas? Or are there other garments that you have sworn never to buy RTW again after discovering how great it is to be able to make your own with the correct length/fabric/fit you desire?

K xx


  1. I love making PJs. I even have a cut of black-background floral in the washer just now that I picked up at the thrift shop for 50 cents!!!! It is destined to become another pair of short pajama pants within the week. (I don't have a problem I swear...)

  2. I'm with you: I will never buy RTW pyjamas again! I've made 3 pairs of Simplicity (2317 I think) and one pair of Tofinos. I have to say I prefer the Tofinos although the others are all fine and have been worn to death! I HATE shop bought pyjamas as they are never long enough, or if they are they seem to shrink over time. Me made all the way!

  3. I think I'll give this Simplicity or the Tofino a go, inspired by this post - the only PJs I ever own are those given to me by aunties at Christmas, with usually horrendous colours/designs. Also, my boyfriend has been heavily hinting at wanting me to make some for him, so perhaps I'll follow in your footsteps and make some his and hers (I'm thinking either dinosaurs or robots).

    1. Glad you've been inspired! Dinosaur pyjamas sound AWESOME, I think I know what fabric I'll be after for my next pair...

  4. I'm beginning to feel like that about everything! Sometimes I try and remember what it was like to only be able to choose what there was in the shops, whether or not I liked it or it fit. Then I try and forget again quickly!

  5. I wear my pajamas sometimes all day when I'm not at work. (Shhhhhh.........) Yours are very cute!

  6. I have never made PJ's but after reading Karen's post about home clothes and viewing my own shocking collection of home clothes I think I really have got to 'up my game' so to speak. I have looked at the Tofino pattern and I really like it so may have to splash out. I really like your greeny/blue ones with the flowers and leaves.

  7. I do the same as you and change into pjs as soon as I get home from work (plus usually stay in them for as long as I can get away with at the weekends) - I do get the p*ss taken out of me by my family something rotten. I've only made one pair so far but am converted to me-made pjs forever more... Just need to buy more fabric ;)

  8. you can never have too many pjs! I live in mine:) I usually use left over fabric from Great fabric and good for the environment too



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