Thursday 4 July 2013

What was your very first make?

At the Birmingham blogger meet-up a few weeks ago, a few of us got talking about the first item of clothing that we every made. Mine was my crescent skirt.

I love this skirt and I still wear it all the time. I followed Tasia's sewalong to make this skirt, which was extremely helpful for me as a total beginner because she went through the whole process step by step complete with handy photos. I don't think I would have ended up with a skirt anywhere near as wearable as this if I had gone through the process alone.

However, looking back, there are a few things that I would do differently now. For example, I was completely clueless when it can to bias binding - I didn't really know what I was doing and so before binding the hems with it, I cut it in half! At the time I was really pleased with my neat and tidy bound hems, but after going through the washing machine many many times, this has resulted in a whole lot of fraying. At some point soon I will have to redo this properly. I don't tend to use bias binding for the lining hem these days - I fold the hem over twice and stitch instead. Also my zip insertion and stitching in the ditch are both a bit of a mess - but hey, nobody looks that closely right?! I'm a bit of a perfectionist but even I realise that these are only small points and I am still really proud of my skirt. Looking back at the first few items of clothing that I made makes me realise how much I have learnt over the two years I have been sewing - and am still learning. Each item that I have made acts in some way like a marker of my progress, and teaches me new things for the next one.  

So what I want to know is - what was your first ever make? Was it a simple project or did you dive in at the deep end with a challenge? Was it a success...and if so do you still wear it?

K xx


  1. This is such an excellent first make and I love that you regularly wear it proudly! My fist make was a little tea dress, but I think I wore it about was wonky and not brilliantly executed...hehe!

  2. I made a woven t shirt. I had no idea about sizing or ease and it came out huge! I wore it maybe twice.

  3. My first make was the 'classic' dirndl skirt. So easy and yet wearable! I have this pattern and am excited to sew it now! I thought it might be difficult with the interesting yoke detail, but if it was the first thing you sewed, that is very encouraging!

  4. Glad to see this discussion continuing.

    My first make was a purple princess seamed dress that fit horrendously and was worn once. My second make is still in circulation today as I learnt quickly from my previous mistakes!

    I love your skirt. A little hem tlc and it'll last through many more washes!

  5. That is an excellent first make. I've made a few bias binding mistakes too, that I've only discovered were mistakes after the first wash of the garment - heartbreaking.

    My very first make, last August, was Tilly's Picnic blanket skirt. The cotton I used for it was much too lightweight, it hangs all wrong, I ironed the gathers flat! But I'm still so proud of those buttonholes. I do still wear it occasionally though, in fact I'm wearing it in my latest post, showing off my Sorbetto:

    Oh, and I can't get my hand in one of the pockets. Oops.

  6. My first make was a Colette Ginger skirt made from lilac fabric (Ithink it's gabardine) that came from my Granny. The zip isn't great, and the waistband is a bit bulky - I didn't realise that because the fabric was thicker, I should have used a lighter fabric for the waistband facing. But I love that skirt and still wear it, and I'm glad you're still wearing your Crescent!

  7. This looks amazing for a first project! Mine was a sheath dress which I only wore once... :) Charlie



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