Monday 9 September 2013

A very snuggly bunny

I think I've mentioned Craft Days before on this blog, a wonderful craft shop in my home town of Saffron Walden. It's probably a good job that this shop was not open when I was growing up, because I think a large amount of my pocket money would have been splurged there! It's great to see this shop is flourishing in my little home town when so many shops around the country are closing - a true sign of the growing popularity of crafts in general - and it has even expanded relatively recently. They sell a variety of yarns, fabrics, beads and general haberdashary, and also run a wide range of classes. Last time I was there I picked up some Fur wool from the range by Erika Knight (anyone who, like me, is an advocate of British yarn, check her out!) with the intention of knitting a gift for a small person using a pattern also from Craft Days. Now that the said small person has made his entrance into the world (and taken receipt of his gift) I can now share with you this very snuggly bunny rabbit.

I tell you, the small person was lucky to get this bunny, he is so snuggly I was very tempted to keep him for myself! Knitting with fur wool takes a little bit of getting used to as it can be a bit fiddly, but it knits up SO quickly. I think all the main peices for the bunny were complete in a couple of evenings and then the making up took a few more evenings. So all in all a speedy make. The yarn is a little bit pricy (at least for someone who until recently was quite happy with acrylic!) but definately worth it. The best thing about this yarn is that it is very forgiving - you can sew everything up on the right side, even using a different yarn if you so desire, and the stitches disappear out of sight. Magic.

I'm really pleased with the way this bunny turned out, and I forsee more on the horizon. I enjoy knitting baby toys and garments (I'm not going to lie, this is partly because they knit up quickly and I am impatient so this suits me!) and I have several friends who have recently announced pregnancies so there will be a whole heap of baby knitting happening over the next few months. I tend to stick to the same few patterns for baby knits and recently I have tended towards toys rather than clothes, as I worry clothes are outgrown quickly.

What are your favourite things to make for small people - knitted or sewn?

Or maybe you are a mum (or dad!) yourself - what were the most useful or most loved handmade baby gifts you recieved for your little ones? I would love to know!

K xx


  1. Oh that's so cute! My knitting skills are def not up to this yet but I'd love to make something like this for my pregnant friends too. Maybe someday when I'm better at it...

    1. Sabs, it's such a quick knit and pretty simple too - as long as you are happy doing increases and decreases. The nature of the fur wool is that it's very forgiving too - it hides any mistakes! I totally recommend giving it a go :)

  2. wow! i can't believe that's knitted, i would've thought it was fur sewn together. very cool!!

    1. I didn't believe it either when I first saw it - fur wool is amazing stuff!



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