Friday 3 January 2014

New blog!

Hello and Happy New Year! 

The new year is a great time for a fresh start and with this in mind I am delighted to announce that KraftyKat is moving.

I've been thinking about making the jump to wordpress for some time now and over Christmas I got chatting to my boyfriend about my blog. He happens to be a bioinformatician and does clever things like build websites on a daily basis - yet for some reason it had never before occured to me to ask him for help with my blog. Why I do not know. So we had a play around and now not only have I changed to wordpress but I am a - new territory for me. It's been great fun starting from a blank(ish) canvas with the design elements and I am pleased to announce that is now open for business (metaphorically speaking!). A big thanks must go to my boyfriend for all his help - everything that looks good is down to him and him alone (despite his best efforts to teach me how to code. I learnt a little bit. Honest!). 

So pop on over to and take a look around! I hope you like what you see. Although all the bits and bobs are in place now there are still likely to be a few changes while I settle in to my new home and I would welcome your comments and constructive criticism :) 

If you follow me on BlogLovin' I am working on getting my followers transferred to my new blog so there will hopefully be no need for you to change anything - I'll keep you posted! Eventually there will also be an automatic redirect set up from this site to the new one. 

I'll be back soon (hopefully) with a new make to share with you - yep I've been sewing too! 

Kat x

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