Thursday, 22 September 2011

Autumn Sewing Plans

Hi Everyone!

Despite having been very busy in the week and a bit since i returned from holiday (hence the lack of posting, sorry!) i have found time to make all kinds of autumn sewing plans, some of which i eluded to in my previous post.

So this week i ordered two patterns from Colette Patterns (of Sorbetto fame!). First up the Crepe dress:

I mentioned before that i am intending this for an Autumn wedding as well as a christening, depending on how quickly i get my act together and sort out the fabric for this.

Secondly another dress, the Parfait...

I think this dress is the perfect autumn make for day-to-day wear. I can see it layered with jeans or leggings and boots, maybe worn over a long sleeved top with many options but in my book this is an autumn must-have!

I can't wait to get cracking on these patterns. However at the moment there is one big obstacle in my way...i am in the process of moving house! Yep, i'm moving in with the boy. Which is exciting, but does mean that my entire sewing room has been packed into boxes...and is still in boxes! I will be lucky enough to have a whole room all to myself, which is bigger than my last sewing space! I have so many ideas and plans and can't wait to get it all set up, but I feel guilty about sorting it out just yet while we are still having to navigate across the living room. Therefore sewing has been put on hold at the moment until i have time to unpack everything. However i have been knitting! I have made a birthday present for a very lovely friend, which i finsihed and sent off this morning....having forgotten to take pictures so i could show it off to my wonderful readers! Fail! However i do have a picture of my boyfriend's cat "helping" me with the make...

Oh dear! I can see i am going to have to keep an eye on my wool from now on...!!!

K xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Hello Everyone!

So I returned from my American adventures early this week. It all went far to quickly and we had a fantastic time. Here is one of my favourite pictures from our holiday, taken in Yosemite National Park. The views are just stunning! There might be a few more pictures coming up once i have had a chance to go through them all...i think i took over 1500 in total from the whole holiday, which my boyfriend finds hilarious. My thinking is though, the more pictures i take the better the chances that i will get some awesome ones :)

So now I'm back my thoughts have turned to my next sewing projects! As always i have an ambitious list of projects lined up which include:

- My first Pendrell Blouse
- A knitted birthday gift
- A second Crescent Skirt

I am also planning another dress...i have a couple of weddings coming up as well as the christening of my soon-to-be godson, so i would love something special to wear. I am currently favouring the Crepe Dress by Colette Patterns...

I love the wrap style of this dress and have seen several versions floating around with lovely contrast sashes (for example this one by Handmade Jane) which i think is a great touch. Now just to pick out fabrics...i am unsure of what colour to go for, perhaps a light coloured print with a deep red/maroon contrast sash? Or maybe a plain colour for the main fabric. Any suggestions welcome :)

I also need to start thinking about Christmas sewing (yep, the C word, i do apologise!!) lots to do!

What does everyone else have lined up for the next few months? I can't wait to hear everyone's plans :)

K xx


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