Friday 1 April 2011

Long Time No...Type?

So it's been a while since i posted on here, terrible i know. My only excuse is that i have been ridiculously busy...however, so far this weekend is looking relatively open (fingers crossed it stays this way!) so hopefully lots of time for sewing etc :)

Although i have been busy, my crafting has not been entirely neglected. Recently i have been working on knitting a baby cardigan. This is by far my most ambitious knitted project ever, having only completed a scarf before. So far progress is slow...since casting on in January, i have finished the back and one sleeve, and started another, so at the moment it looks a bit like this....

From the start this make has been a catalogue of errors....i have a couple of dropped stitches (hopefully retrievable), i used the wrong sized needles initially so the rib is too loose, and for some reason one of my sleeves is wider than the other, despite having the same number of stitches....i must have altered the tension somehow. I think perhaps this may be one to keep hold of....i did think that is could use this as a practice and knit another "real thing", but since my friends have babies due in May and July, timing is getting tight....!

In other news, i ordered my Crescent Skirt pattern from the wonderful so i am now fully committed to the sewalong! Now just to choose some fabric. I am thinking maybe a print. I am so excited for my first sewalong! Watch this space to see how i get on...!

I hope your crafting weeks have been much more productive than mine....

K x


  1. Good luck with the sewalong. It's a nice pattern. I'd definitely go with a pattern rather than a plain colour, it's more fun!

  2. I think your baby cardigan looks amazing Kat, don't be harsh on yourself! I'm out all day/night tomorrow, so sadly I don't think I'll get much sewing done this weekend :o( Happy crafting!!



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