Saturday 16 April 2011

Be Prepared?

So recently i have found myself in a somewhat frustrating pattern. Despite having been a girl guide in my younger days, i find myself completely unprepared every time i start a new project. For example, i previously wrote about running out of muslin fabric. This is just one example. Yesterday i began to cut out for my Reversible Bucket Bag, only to find out that i had bought the wrong type of interfacing, failed to buy any fusible fleece, and also bought the wrong type of bias tape maker (i bought a 25mm one as i forgot to take the details so just blindly chose the biggest they had, but not, i need 50mm. Opps). This is such a catalogue of errors, all resulting from me being completely unprepared. I put it down to being eager to begin projects, but it is so incredibly frustrating to find out that i don't have everything i need, and my time would be much better spent checking what i actually need before i go shopping! Lesson learnt perhaps. It's like starting to make a cake without having any flour (something that has not happened to me....yet!).

The beginnings of my bucket bag
Another make i have found myself hopelessly unprepared for is the start of the Crescent Skirt Sew-Along which kicks off on Monday. I thought i was doing OK, as i bought most of the bits and bobs from Leicester market last weekend. However, i completely forgot one of the most important items: Muslin fabric! Opps. I also didn't buy any lining fabric. Sadly the lack of muslin fabric will hamper me starting the project so I'll have to hunt some down this weekend.

Whilst on the subject of muslins and linings, i was wondering, what fabrics does everyone use for these purposes? So far i have been using bedsheets for my muslins which seem to work out OK for me, however i am rapidly running out of sheets! I would love a source of cheap cotton to use for muslins, but i haven't found anything yet. Also, when it comes to linings, what are the best options? I was thinking of a light cotton fabric, but is there such this as special lining material, or does it not matter? Please enlighten me!

I hope you have been more organised with your sewing projects this week than i have!

K xx

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