Sunday 15 January 2012

FO: Pendrell Blouse

This weekend I finished my very first Pendrell Blouse. I was really pleased with the muslin I made last week, and did not need to make any adjustments before going ahead with my fashion fabric - I think this is the first time I have made a muslin which has fit perfectly! This is probably linked to the semi-fitted nature of the Pendrell Blouse, but I'm certainly not complaining.

Please ignore my slightly strange facial expression....I braved the cold (as did my semi-willing boyfriend who was the photographer!) in an attempt to get some pictures in a half-decent light...this was the best of the bunch and i wasn't about to go back for a second attempt!

I realised when trying to style this blouse that I have very few bottom-half garments that go with the print. The fabric for this blouse was chosen some time ago, and although i love the print, it goes with hardly anything else in my wardrobe. If only I had read the section on "A Thoughtful Plan" in the Colette Sewing Handbook beforehand! This is something I am going to work on this year - making garments which I can mix and match with other items in my wardrobe. It makes so much sense, and yet I always get sidetracked by a pretty print. Luckily, a Crescent Skirt in a solid is on my (very long) to-make list, which will perfectly compliment this blouse :)

Back to the details...Tasia of Sewaholic Patterns always takes time to ensure that the inside of the finished garments are as neat and tidy as the outside, which I love. I am especially proud of the wrong side of my Pendrell Blouse.

I have used French seams for the shoulders and finished the princess seams with a zig-zag stitch. Hopefully you can just about see these details in the pictures! I found this blouse a dream to sew up, and am already planning more versions in solid colours.

In other news, I am very excited to be featured on Craft Corner's "Best of the Web" this week, along with some other great bloggers including Ohhh LuLu. If you are not familiar with this site, do pop over and have a peak for some super crafty tips.

I have also been dabbling with social media and other online communities in the last few weeks. You may have already seen my post about Ravelry (KraftyKat20) but i have also signed up to Twitter (@akraftykat) and Pintrest (akraftykat). I must admit that Pintrest is a totally new one for me, so i haven't done much with it yet, but i am excited by the concept of having all my favourite ideas and inspirations in one place!

How do you use social media to inspire/organise/share your crafting? I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Hope you are all having a very crafty weekend!

K xx


  1. I love your blouse! I had exceptionally good luck with the Pendrell too, and normally blouses are a fitting challenge for me.

    I have accounts on Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, etc. but don't use any of it. I'm only active on Flickr (photography is my other hobby) but even there, not much with the social aspects. I do love the idea of them all, but there's already not enough time for sewing ...

  2. What a lovely blouse! That print is gorgeous, and I love the sleeves :) I also love the skirt you're wearing with it. I think a Crescent skirt will be lovely with it too.
    I use Twitter and Ravelry mostly. I have a Flickr account too (ashley0107) but I haven't been using it much lately as the uploader doesn't work with my operating system and the application I downloaded to do it isn't working very well. Gah! I'll have to get round to putting my photos on an SD card and doing it on my boyfriends computer :)
    Oh and I share things on Facebook, but it's only really my mum and a friend that looks.
    Ashley x

  3. I have found you on all three :)

    I love Pinterest, but it does eat time, so I try to restrict how often and for how long I go on there!

  4. Oh yes - that is a lovely blouse! The print is so unusual and you really have finished it well :)

  5. It's fantastic! I love the big print, I think it would go well with jeans.

  6. Great Pendrell Kat, rich blues definitely suit you very well! Congratulations on the feature too, how cool!!!

  7. Very flattering Pendrell, and 'Best on the Web' - well deserved...

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! :) Ashley, i choose this skirt as it is the most crescent-skirt-lie dark skirt i have, funnily enough. I think the Pendrell definitely needs a skirt with a yoke to show it at its best. Saying thoat though, i have worn it with jeans this week and i think that was another good combo - well said Lynne :)



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