Monday 2 January 2012

iPad Case

A very very long time ago, i promised my boyfriend that i would make him a case for his iPad. We went fabric shopping together (a first!), he chose some material, and i found a pattern on the internet. However, once i started sewing, the whole thing was a disaster. The fabric he had selected was an absolute nightmare to work with, and frayed like nobodys business, the wadding i had bought was far too thick for purpose making it very difficult to sew, and i found the pattern i had selected slightly confusing - probably because i was trying to do things my way rather than following the instructions like a good girl! I did finish the case, but being the perfectionist i am i was not happy with the result and vowed to start again. However, i was somewhat dispondent after my first attempt, and so it got put right to the bottom of my pile of UFOs.

Fast forward about 6 months via a bit of a re-think....and ta-da!

Rather than try and salvage the mess that was my previous attempt, i decided to abandon the troublesome fabric and start again from scratch. You may recognise the Dougal fabrics from a previous post where i mentioned that my boyfriend had admired these scraps i had picked up, but i wasn't sure what to do with them. This time i chose to use a different pattern, which i purchased from Flossie Teacakes, and by chance the Dougal scraps were the perfect size to use for the front pocket and closure....don't they look great?

I would highly reccomend this pattern. Although listed as a laptop case, it involves some pretty precise measuring and therefore can be used for any size of laptop as well as iPads. Once the measuring is out of the way, it's a dream to sew up. I am sure i shall be making this again. The only trouble i had was completely my fault. My boyfriend uses one of the magnetic iPad covers, and when measuring i didn't think to include this as well. Opps. Consequently the first version did not quite fit. For a while i had nightmares of starting from scratch again, and loosing the Dougal fabrics as i had already trimmed the seam allowences, but luckily with a bit of unpicking and creative use of incredibly small seams, i managed to adjust it enough to fit. Thank goodness!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend. I still have one more day off before i have to go back to work, so i'm hoping to make a start on my first Pendrell Blouse. The holidays always go so fast!

K xx

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