Thursday 19 January 2012

Ravelry Inspiration

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I had been introduced to Ravelry. For those of you who are not familiar with the wonders of Rvaelry, it is an online sewing and crochet community where you can share details of your makes, find patterns, yarn, and just generally spend an awful lot of time browsing at all the fantastic things people have knitted! I have been so inspired and i am so excited to get knitting. I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite inspirations.

I have mentioned my minor obsession with all things owl-related many times, so what could be more perfect for me than this sweater. It has OWLS on it. OWLS!!! And buttons for eyes! So cute. I love the way that the patterns is subtle, but still visible. This pattern can be purchased for a very small sum from this website. I cannot wait to make this top, although i think it may be something to work up to!

Combining moss stitch and knitted flowers, both of which i love, these baby girl dresses are just too cute. The pattern is very kindly available for free from Stitch me Softly. I have recently discovered this blog and there are a whole range of lovely patterns, recipes and tutorials to be found - do go and have a peek!

The third pattern i would like to share with you is the St James sweater, by Tonya of the shizknit. It's so very Mad Men! You may recognise this sweater as the one blogged about recently by Tasia the Sewaholic (yep she knits too!). You can see Tasia's version here. I was drawn to this as it is promised to be a relatively easy beginner knit...i have been dying to expand my knitting repertoire from snoods and baby cardigans for some time and this seems like the ideal first garment. I am very excited to get started on this. I ordered my wool this morning...after much deliberation i settled on Cascade 220 in charcoal grey. I choose a solid colour so i can mix and match it with all my printed skirts - see, I'm learning!

Have a look at more of my favourite finds on my Ravelry page here. Have you been inspired lately? What are you planning to make next?

K xx


  1. I am trying not to think of what to knit next while I finish off some of the 30+ projects I have on the go! It is difficult though *lol*

  2. Hey, you stole my owl inspiration...tut, tut, tut! ;o) It's lovely isn't it? We're learning basic cable stitch at knitting, so maybe one day soon I can tackle that jumper! I also love the bottom jumper, but would have never recognised it from Tasia's version as I think they both look really different. Weird eh! I wish I was a fast knitter...hmph!

    1. Hehe what can I say inspired me! I've never tried cable stitch, it looks very complicated and am a bit scared! But one day this jumper will be mine....

    2. Did they go through it at your Knit One classes at all? If not, I can teach you when I learn ;o)

  3. No they didn't actually, so it would be great if you could pass on your knowledge :)

  4. Lovely patterns! Owls is a favourite of mine too, though I haven't made it. Too many other patterns to tempt me!

  5. I just discovered Ravelry recently too and find it very addictive! Even though I am a novice knitter... I'm working on a beret/hat for myself, and after want to make a vintage-style "sweater girl" sweater for myself, so have been browsing patterns for that. And I have two patterns for sweaters/vests for my children in my queue. Plenty to keep me busy for ages.

  6. Hehe I know what you mean, I have more projects lined up now than I could ever hope to make, but what can I say...I'm just a magpie for pretty patterns!!!

  7. I love the owls sweater too - I haven't made it but recently made the Owls Mittens by Julia Temiseva, which use the same pattern.



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