Friday 7 December 2012

Sewist's Secret Santa Update!

Hello Everyone!

Wow what a busy few weeks I have had. I have been on weekends away to Wales and Berlin, been ridiculously busy at work, and even managed to finish a few makes (more details coming soon!). It's been lovely, but I am looking forward to spending this weekend at home and getting stuck in to my Christmas shopping/gift making.

How are you all getting on buying your gifts for the Sewist's Secret Santa? Several people have emailed me to say they have posted theirs, which is fabulous. I do hope that gifts will soon start dropping on to doormats around the globe. It's all so exciting!

A few people have asked me whether their gifts can be handmade, thrifted or shopped from their stash. Absolutely! The only restriction is the £5 limit, but if you want to make gifts using stash items and count them as free, then that's fine too. I have also been asked if you can let your Sant-ee know who the gift came from. My answer is - I think it's more exciting to keep it secret, but if you are busting to tell, then go ahead.

I'm shopping for my Sant-ee tomorrow...I can't wait! Has anyone else got festive plans for the weekend?

K xx


  1. Have posted my Secret Santa package, and have just put up the tree - Christmas has begun!

  2. I'm posting mine on Monday...woohooo!

    What makes have you managed to finish when you've been such a busy bee...maybe I'll get to see them today? ;o)

  3. My surprise arrived this past week - very exciting!! I have just put a post on my blog about it! It is currently residing under the Christmas tree, impatiently waiting to be unwrapped and loved!

    I have also mailed mine, so it should be with the recipient well before Christmas.

    Thank-you for organizing this!

  4. I received my package a couple of days ago, first present under the tree and it caused much excitement! I love this!
    I've also sent my parcel off so hopefully it will be causing as many smiles as I had when I got mine soon!

  5. I posted mine a while ago! Can't wait to see what I get!

  6. Thanks so much for organising this Kat, I enjoyed it so much!
    I've nominated you for a blog award! This is my post about it



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