Sunday 16 June 2013

Brilliant Birmingham Blogger Bonanza

Yesterday morning Marie and I set off to Birmingham bright and early to meet up with 30 "strangers from the internet". After our initial apprehension about whether anyone would actually turn up, we soon found ourselves surrounded by 30 super sewing ladies. There were oohs and ahhs as everyone admired each others handmade outfits and excited squeals as people met online friends in real life. Once everyone had assembled we set off, not quite two-by-two but pretty much, to the amazing fabirc heaven that is Barry's. The lovely ladies there had kindly agreed to give us a 10% discount and seemed remarkably unphased by the huge gaggle of sewists who descended on them. 
Temporarily shopped-out and hungry, we headed to headed to Cafe Soya to refuel with a yummy lunch and a mammoth swap. Ah the swap!
This is the table of fabric alone!

Hovering and waiting for Claire to give the!

There was fabric galore along with patterns, notions, magazines and trimmings. It was all quite overwelming so I picked up a few things but on the whole thought I had been quite restrained...although looking at my loot I think I came away with more than I thought, including some delicious wool which is destined for a pencil skirt and some beautiful vintage fabric that Mellie told me had been her grandmothers!

We then headed off to the Birmingham Rag Market, and finally the Fancy Silk Store for yet more shopping, before admitting defeat and heading back from whence we came, armed with delicious goodies generously baked by Claire.
Thank you so much to everyone who came yesterday, it was amazing to have so many lovely ladies come along and I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. It was wonderful to catch-up with familiar faces and meet a whole load of new ones....I have so many new blogs to check out now! Below is a full list of everyone who came along and links to their blogs if they have them - do go and have a browse!
Anna - Get Crafty
Caroline Bones - Cotton Hairess
Caroline Booth & daughter Phoebe
Caroline Nixon
Charlie - Charlie Says Sew
Deborah - DFabrication
Hannah - Hugs and Kisses
Helen - Helen Made
Rachel A Study in Stitching & mum Liz
Sarah - Not Found
So what did I buy? I came away with the lovely little stash below:
Cloakwise from top left: Checked cotton for yet more PJs, red linen/cotton for a Kelly skirt, black and white print for a dress, red and white print for another dress, and poly-something polka dot which may become a lining for a victoria blazer.

I think I terrified poor Charlotte with my excited admiration for her gorgeous Kelly skirt (I think I said hello to the skirt before I said hello to her!), and then proceeded to buy exactly what I needed to replicate the skirt for myself. Well almost...just when I thought I could not love her skirt any more, I checked out her blog and found she has lined the pockets with owl fabric. OWLS people! Need I say more. 

Buttons for my Kelly skirt plus a couple of could I resist?!
Thanks again to everyone who came, and a special mention to my fabulous co-hosts Marie and Claire. There is nothing left to say except...bring on 3rd August when we get to do it all again :)
K xx


  1. Had a brilliant day Kat, thank you so much for organising it. Looking forward to 3 August.

    1. It was lovely to meet you Zora, I'm glad you enjoyed the day. See you in London :)

  2. So sorry I couldn't make it to this one, sounds like it was a great day!

    1. It was such a shame you couldn't make it Catherine, but hope to see you at the next one!

  3. Nice bit of alliteration there!

    I obviously can't count as I thought there were between 25 and 30 people and turns out there were 32 of us in total!! I had such a wicked day, thanks do much for all the hard work. See you soon!

    1. Hehe I admit it took me a while to think of the final B! So glad you enjoyed it, see you soon :)

  4. I love the owl buttons and the polka dots will look fantastic as a lining. Thanks for organising the meet, I had a great time and it was good to meet you! Unfortunately I can't make the Goldhawk Road one, I'll be on a plane to sunnier climates!

  5. It was fantastic meeting you on Saturday. I had such a wonderful time and I cannot wait to do it all again! Thank you for organising such a great day, you have opened my eyes to so many fabric possibilities that are only an hour and a half away from me. I can't wait to see what you make with your treasures xxx

  6. Ooh excellent spoils! Can't wait to see the dress. You didn't mention that you surprised us all by wearing Sewaholic head to toe. It was very impressive! Enjoy your holidays and see you in London :-)

  7. Hi Kat! Thank you for the lovely meeting, donating fabrics and patterns; and adding Get Crafty link to your post. The meet up was very well organized and we are glad that we could be the part of it! Xx

  8. Hi! It was a bit of a shock at first but I love how much you like my skirt, I'm looking forward to seeing it's twin! Sorry I never got my owls out on Saturday!!

    Lovely to meet you and thank you for organising the day x

  9. Thanks for organising it, I had such a lovely time! Looking forward to London. Need to start saving up!

  10. Hi Kat :) Love your buttons - the owls are so cute, and the black ones v. chic! Thank you so much for you & Marie organising the day - I'd love to do it again another day if you're fancy? Clairex

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