Friday 14 June 2013

FO x3 a.k.a stash-busting challenge success

Back in April I set myself a stash-busting challenge with the following pledge:

I, KraftyKat, will make at least three garments using fabric from my stash before the Birmingham meet-up on Saturday 15th June. If I do not complete this challenge, I promise not to buy or acquire from the swap ANY more fabric at this meet-up.
The meet-up is tomorrow - so how did I do? Well, I'm delighted (and just a tiny bit relieved!) that I have three new garments to show you!
Number 1: Sewaholic Pendrell blouse #3
This is my third version of this pattern but the first time I have made this sleeve version - just realised that you can't actually see the sleeves in this photo - doh! - but it's the 2-ruffle version. The fabric is a lovely drapy cotton and is lovely to wear - infact I am wearing it today! I can see this being a staple in my work wardrobe.
Number 2: Sewaholic Pendrell blouse #4

Yep your eyes are not decieving you - another Pendrell blouse. During me-made-May i realised that my wardrobe is lacking basics in solid colours. The Pendrell blouse is the perfect basic pattern so I made yet another version, this time the sleeveless view. Rather than leaving it completely plain (and a little bit boring), I stitched lace trimming around the armholes.

Number 3: Pyjama bottoms



Ever since I made my first pair of PJ bottoms last year I have been meaning to make another pair and what better excuse that Karen's upcoming pyjama party? I used Simplicity 2116 and the most gorgeously soft cotton fabric which is absolutely beautiful - you probably can't see but the gold bits have glitter on them! These were pretty quick to whip up, and that's even with french seams, which effectively means I sewed the PJs twice. I swear I am never buying PJs again. A super-quick make which I can ensure is long enough for a tall person like myself and choose my own funky fabric of my own choice? There is no downside to this!

So there we go - stash-busting challenge complete. A good job too as I may have fallen off the wagon a tiny little bit last weekend (I was refraining from buying fabric alltogehter, although re-reading my pledge I notice it specifically mentions only no fabric aquiring at the meet-up, so I unwittingly gave myself a massive loop-hole!). Either way I felt terribly guity, but there is a story behined this purchase. A few months ago I walked past a stall in Leicester market and saw this very fabric. I convinced myself that I was being good and walked away. Ever since then I have not been able to get this fabric out of my mind. I searched and searched on the internet to no avail. All was lost. Or so I thought, until last week I happened to pass the stall again and there it was. There were just 2 metres left and I knew I had to snap them up there and then - also at just £2/m it was barganious.

Oh and did I mention it is AMAZING fabric!??!

To give you an idea of scale, this is pretty much the whole length of it - my boyfriend is holding it up so I can take a picture. So it's a very large print. It is about 2m by 2m. My original thought was that I want to make a skirt to show off the print. It would make an amazing circle skirt, but I just don't think I have enough. Ideas on a postcard (or in the comments below!) please!

I am so releived to have completed my stash-busting challenge and am geering up for a fun-filled day tomorrow. There will be over 30 sewists congregating in Birmingham - the fabric shops and rag market won't know what hit them! I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting lots of new ones. If you're coming along - can't wait to see you there!!

K xx


  1. Well done for completing your challenge! Have a fabulous time tomorrow!

  2. Hee! There's nothing like a deadline and a threat combined! And all 3 items look like things you will wear a lot. That owl fabric is amazing! The only thing about a circle skirt is that your owls might start hanging upside down or sideways... like bats? ;)
    I always struggle to know how best to use fabric with a strong direction. A Kelly skirt would work?

  3. Yay, well done Kat!!! I love the sleeve detail on the black Pendrell, good work indeed! So glad you managed to get some of the owl fabric in the about making a giant tote-type bag?

  4. Thats super cute! You could attach it to a large canvas from the works to make some wall art or make some 'night owl' pjs! X

  5. I love the lace trim on 3!

    That fabric is awesome. You should make it into a cape!



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