Sunday 2 June 2013

Me Made May catch-up: Week 3

Me Made May 2013 made have officially come to an end (sad face) but the fun continues around these parts for now as I bring you a round up of week 3 (only 2 more posts after this one, we're getting there, albeit slowly!). Week 3 was a week of repeats...I warn you now that there is nothing new to see here (that comes in week 4).

Day 13

I got a bit confused on Flickr and I think this photo was labelled as day 9 or something, but no, it's day 13! Sewaholic Renfrew again, so in an attempt to detract from the fact you've seen this before, I'm joined by Sally in this photo. She was more interested in playing outside than having a cuddle though - shortly after this picture was taken she took a giant leap to freedom!

Day 18
Sewaholic Crescent skirt. Shoddy self photo taken in the mirror of my parent's bedroom as I was visiting them this weekend. Picture taken just before I ran out of an empty house to meet a friend...why I didn't ask her to take the photo instead I do not know...think I was worried I would forget and end up photo-less for day 18.
Day 19

Another self photo...Colette patterns Sorbetto top. Again to distract from the repeat boredom I am modelling two early birthday presents given to me my my lovely mum - crocheted slippers and a felted bag. Isn't she clever!

Right that's week 3 done and dusted! It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here...I'm looking forward to a morning of sewing and then a session of plotting and planning the Birmingham meet-up with the lovely Marie. Can't believe there is less than 2 weeks to go now until the big event! We currently have 36 sewists signed up - eek that's a lot of people. I'm ever so slightly terrified but remain mostly confident that this is going to be AWESOME!

Happy Sunday everyone!

K xx

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