Wednesday 28 December 2011

Christmas Gifts - Given and Received

Now that Christmas has passed and all my gifts have been gifted, i am finally able to share with you some of the things i have made over the last few months! 


Apron and Book Bags

Gift Tags

Edible goodies! Clockwise from top left: Marzipan fruits, Cherry and Ginger Fudge, Lebkuchen,
Rum Truffles and Orange and Pistachio Stollen

Links to recipes for all the edible goodies can be found in this post i wrote for the Crafty Christmas Club.

As well as giving some homemade gifts this year, i was also lucky enough to receive many gifts handmade by some of my very talented friends! I love how everyone is embracing the homemade this year, it's just fantastic...not to mention the fact that it gives me inspiration for next year :) A crochet owl made by another of my friends can also be seen here.

Homemade goodies i was lucky enough to be given this Christmas! Clockwise from left: Orange Liquor,
Mini Christmas cake, Chocolate Chip Biscuits, Maple and Cinnamon Nuts, Chilli Jam and Mango Chutney. Yummy!

I was also given a few sewing related gifts...

Adding to my library!

Little sewing kit from Father Christmas...i especially love the ribbon of thread
 I'm very lucky to have received so many goodies! While i was visiting my parents i also popped into a craft shop which has recently opened in my hometown. While i was there i picked up a collection of fabric scraps...sorry for the terrible pictures but you get the idea!

My boyfriend is especially impressed with the Magic Roundabout-related scraps! I'd love to make him something with these scraps but not sure what yet. They are very small more than about 20cm x 30cm. Hmm. Any ideas welcome :)

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas :) Did anyone else get any fabulous sewing goodies?

K xx


  1. Yes I did, just written a very similar post actually! Love that Magic Roundabout fabric, will let you know if I think of any man gifts! x

  2. Hehe, it's amusing that we received two of the same books...fab, aren't they!? The edible goodies you received really look delicious and I think all the handmade gifts made by you looked amazing!

  3. It is...great minds and all that! I think these two have been doing the rounds a lot on the blogosphere so I bet they were on a lot of people's gift lists this year. Thanks for the nice comments, making so many edibles was a bit stressful but I'm pleased with how they turned out, and I've had some really positive feedback so I'm happy!

  4. Oh and Jane, thanks so much for the tips on waterproof fabric, I used some from your suggested site to line the washbag :)

  5. Hello! I've just found your blog from a comment you left on Handmade Jane's blog.

    I love your Crepe dress, it's beautiful. I have this pattern too, but I'm quite new to sewing, so I haven't got past skirts yet, and don't think my skills are up to dresses yet!

    I also love your snoods, I got bitten by the bug too! Funnily enough, I also made one with Sirdar Indie. I hadn't used it before, and thought it was lovely.

    I'll look you up on Ravelry, I'm ozzyblackbeard over there. My advice re Ravelry is to keep one eye on the clock! It's amazing how much time I can waste on it!

    Lynne :)

  6. Hi Lynne! Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I would highly recommend the Crepe dress as a beginner project - there are no closures as it's a wrap dress (woop!) and as long as you can get the bust darts correct, fitting is nice and simple.

    The snood bug is catching - they are so quick to knit up, i love it! I look forward to checking out your knitting on Ravelry :)

  7. Hi Kat, that new craft shop is nice isn't? lots of nice notions! I saw in one of your older posts that you went to the farm club - my daughter goes there, but I don't think she's milked a goat yet!

  8. Hi Tamsin, yes it's great! I wish I lived nearer so i could take advantage of their classes, i bet they have a lot of uptake in somewhere like Saffron Walden. I just hope they get enough business to keep going unlike so many other shops in town.

    Glad to hear the Farm Club is still going strong! I keep meaning to make it back to one of the fayres but I keep missing the date. Maybe in the summer!



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