Saturday 4 February 2012

Cheeky Knitting - Leicester Style

In the very early (and extremely chilly) hours of Friday morning, a dedicated bunch of knitters and crocheters were out in force in Leicester City Centre. Their mission? To drop a 'yarn bomb' on the city to celebrate the start of the Leicester Comedy Festival and to bring some smiles and happy cheer to the people of Leicester. I was one of those mad enough to get up at stupid o'clock ...and although rather chilly (-5 apparently) it was a lot of fun! Definitely the weather to be providing cosy knitted covers for the lucky statues and bollards around the city. Here are a selection of pictures of the wonderful yarn work on show!

My contribution

Thomas Cook was one of those who gained some new did
many other bollards and bushes

The crocheted cover on the left (apparently his name is Cedric) is
one of my favourites

More bollards and the Leicester Seamstress

The blue and yellow knitting on the signpost in the last picture was made by Marie of A Sewing Odyssey...head over to her blog for more pictures and another write up of the Leicester Yarn Bombing. Also check out the Twitter hashtag #cheekyknitting to read people's reactions. We made it into the local paper too....

You can read the article online here.

I was really pleased to be involved in this, it was a totally fun experience. It was great to see everyone come together for a common purpose to spread some cheer, and the public reaction around the city was overwhelmingly positive. I really felt that it brought a little sense of community to the city - a great start to the comedy festival!

Has your city ever been yarn bombed? I'd love to see and hear about other examples of this around the world!

K xx


  1. Yarn bombing was super popular in Austin, TX back when I lived there in 2006. It's amazing to see how long and far the movement has spread. I wonder where it started? Someone needs to do a documentary on this!

  2. I may have drunkenly stolen part of the yarn bomb last night... it was an amazingly comfy scarf though! - Leicester Uni Student

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