Tuesday 9 August 2011

...Three Sorbetto, Four....

Yep that's right, yet more Sorbetto Tops!

These two are for my mum. I hope she likes them! The eagle-eyed of you may have spotted that one of these is made of the same fabric as my version mum liked it so much she asked for a replicate!

So what else have i been up to recently? And more importantly, what has Ted been up to? Let's have a look!

Learning how to play Angry Birds on my boyfriend's iPad

Helping me with my knitting

Enjoying a to to be done when in Leicester,
the curry capital of the UK!
Helping me cut out for my Lonsdale Dress

Yep that's right, I've finally got onto cutting out for the Lonsdale Dress! I am running a little behind with the Sew-Along but am hoping to catch up this week. So far I'm on track to finish everything before my holiday...i best get knitting!

K xx


  1. the Sorbetto´s look lovely. I´m sure your mom will like them.

  2. Lovely Sorbettos, hope your mum loves them! I'm happy to report that I'm now totally up to date with my Lonsdale (I've been sewing whilst keeping an eye and ear out for the 'riots) although I'm paranoid that despite a bodice might be too small! I really hope this is just paranoia and not fact. By the way, has Ted moved in permanently?!? ;o)

  3. Love the Sorbetto's!!! I bet Ted loves the ipad...he looks like he is having fun! curry?? yummy!!!

  4. Wow you have been sewing up a Sorbetto storm - fabulous! Lucky Mum. Ted's been very busy - it looks like he's going to be a great help with your Lonsdale dress!

  5. You have been busy with the Sorbetto's and they are super, I'm sure your mum will love her versions.

    I'm so glad that Ted and his sewing companion are making themselves useful - your Lonsdale will be finished in no time!



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