Monday 26 December 2011

Discovering Ravelry

I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas, and that those who were gift making got everything done in time! I did...just about...phew! I have really enjoyed following everyones progress with handmade gifts this year, largely through the Crafty Christmas Club. I now have so many ideas of gifts for birthdays etc, which is just fantastic. I'm so inspired! I intend to summarise my finished Christmas gifts soon, but for now i want to mention something else...Ravelry!

I have been aware of the existence of the online knitting and crochet community Ravelry for some time now, mainly through other bloggers who knit, however i must admit i hadn't really investigated it until very recently. Last week a crafty friend of mine persuaded me to sign up, not that i took much persuading if truth be told! So i am KraftyKat20 if you want to look me up :)

I am very excited about getting to grips with Ravelry, as i have heard great things. The number of free patterns (yes free!) available is just astonishing, and the added bonus of being able to read reviews and follow others knitting the same projects is just fantastic. I am still getting to grips with the site at the moment, so any hints and tips are greatly received. If you are already a do you use Ravelry? I can't wait to get stuck in! Off to have a play right now...

K xx


  1. Ravelry is amazing for knitter! I'm there as SuzySewing!

  2. It is amazing isn't it? Will look you up.

  3. I can't wait to get stuck in! Dibs please do look me up :)

  4. Hi Kat! I am Roobeedoo on Rav.
    I use it every day (yes really) as a way to track my friends' blogs and stalk the patterns they have been "liking". I can get lost for hours following links. I like the groups too - worth joining if you follow a particular designer and want to know about the latest patterns, or to hear about yarn sales from favourite shops or dyers :)

  5. Hi Roobeedoo! Thanks for the tips. I have been warned by others as well that Ravelry is very addictive! I'll look you up :)



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