Monday 15 August 2011

Lonsdale Dress - Finished!

So i have finally finished my Lonsdale Dress! I say finally because i feel like it has been in the pipeline for a long time, although i actually only cut the fabric last week, and sewed the first stitch yesterday, so i suppose really it was a pretty speedy make! So, here it is...finished just in time to wear to my friend's wedding next week :) I love how summery it looks!

I made only a couple of adjustments from the muslin...the main one was to take in the side seams slightly under the arms. This seemed to solve the problem of gaping along the top of the dress, and i am very pleased with the fit of the finished product! I was slightly paranoid that it would still be too big though so i tried it on several times at different stages, and i did increase the size of the seam along the zipper as the bodice was initially too big, which did the trick.

I was too busy to follow along with the Sew-Along as it was happening, but i did follow Tasia's posts as i made the dress. She adds lots of little details which make the finished dress look more polished and are just fantastic. See how the inside of the dress is almost as pretty as the outside...

I'm already thinking of Lonsdale #2....perhaps in a dark fabric this time! 

K xx


  1. LOVE it! The dress is perfect for a wedding...I love the fabric! Great job!

  2. Oh Kat, it's beautiful...perfect for a wedding in Vegas baby!!! You got the fit spot on too!

  3. ooh, it's gorgeous! So summery and pretty :) And it fits like a glove!
    Ashley x

  4. Very nicely done Kat - it's gorgeous and the inside finish is flawless. The fit is really good too, you're going to look fab at the wedding! x

  5. Looks beautiful (love that flower print) and the fit is perfect!

  6. It's so lovely Kat. The fabric is to die for. I'm liking the lonsdale more with each version I see but now that summer is practically over, I might leave it for next year.

  7. Oooh pretty! You are a fast sewer too, i'm impressed!

  8. Wow, you're dress is beautiful - you've done a marvellous job!



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