Friday 5 August 2011

The (Sewing) Plan of Attack

So, it is just under two weeks now until i go on holiday! Exciting! However, before i go i have several UFOs and WIPs to finish. I am perhaps slightly optimistic about the amount of sewing that i will be able to get done beforehand, but we shall see. I figure that if i commit to the plan in public then i might have more chance of sticking to it...maybe! So what are my plans? Well, i would like to complete the following:

#1) My Lonsdale Dress! The muslin is complete (see below) and i am now following the Sew-Along to finish the dress in time for my holiday.

Here is a reminder of my fashion fabric:

I am so excited to make this dress, and i intend to wear the finished product to the Wedding in Vegas, so fingers crossed i get it finished in time!

#2) A baby cardigan like this one. Last week it looked like this:

I now have 1 and a half arms complete as well as the back, so to go are two front panels and half an arm....and then i have to sew it together. I am seeing the intended recipient in a week's time, so i best get knitting...!

#3) The last time i saw my mum she asked me to make her a Sorbetto top. So I'm going to make her two! Here are the intended fabrics:

Yep, the observant of you may have noticed that the first fabric is the same as one of my Sorbettos! The second fabric is a gorgeous green cotton with a flower embroidery on...lovely! 

#4) A iPad case for my boyfriend. The tale of this iPad case started months ago, and is a bit of a disaster story. Basically i found a pattern and started it, however it was a comedy of errors partly due to the fabric he chose, which frays like anything, and partly because i got a bit confused with the zip insertion method. So the finished product was a bit of a disaster, and being the perfectionist i am i was so un-proud of it i decided to take it apart and start again! Rob has been very good about this, only asking me a few times how it is progressing, but i feel so bad as it is the first thing i have made for him. However, I have now found another pattern from flossie teacakes of which i have high hopes. So we shall see, version 2 will commence soon!

Phew, what a lot of sewing! It's a good job i have Ted to help me...

Watch this space to see how i get on!

K xx


  1. Good plan! I think you can do it, as long as you do a bit every day, you'll be fine :)
    Ashley x

  2. Good luck Kat, you can do it!!!



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