Monday 1 August 2011

Lonsdale Dress: Muslin

So yesterday i finished my muslin for the Lonsdale Dress! Although i will be taking part in the Sew-Along for this dress, Tasia decided not to include the stage of making a muslin in order to save time, as many people (myself included!) were keen to get the dress finished in time for their holidays. However, i am terrified of cutting out my precious fashion fabric without first trying a muslin to check the fit/style, so i decided to go ahead with a muslin. As always, Tasia's instructions were clear and easy to follow. After all the tracing and cutting was out of the way, i reckon it must have taken me 2-3 hours to get the dress sewn up. I did skip a number of the beautifying steps e.g. finishing seams and understiching, which i will include in the finished dress but thought were not worth it for a muslin, however even with these bits in i think the dress will still be pretty quick to make.

I know i could have just made a bodice muslin, however i like to get an idea of how the finished dress will look, and i think you get a much better idea if you add the skirt on as well. Also it gives me a chance to practice every step of the pattern before i do it on the real thing! 

I'm really pleased with how my muslin turned out, and i love the style of the faux-halterneck. There are no darts or any real fitting in the bodice, so i was a bit concerned that the effect would be unflattering, but in fact because of the waistband it does actually appear quite fitted. I was very pleased to not have to carry out an FBA (Full Bust Adjustment). In fact the only adjustment that i did make here was to take in a bit at the top of the side seams, just under the arms, as there was a bit of gaping there. I seem to always have to make this adjustment, not sure why! I also shortened the skirt by about 5 inches, as i prefer my dresses to hit just below the knees. This was quite a drastic cut, and actually in the actual dress i think i will leave it a bit longer, so when i adjust the pattern i will probably take off about 3 1/2 inches. I can always take the hem up a bit extra but i can't add it back once it's been chopped off!

So, here are some pictures! The bow at the back is a little bit untidy as i didn't have anyone to help me tie it so i had to do the job as best i could - when i actually wear this dress the back will be much tidier! Yet again i am sporting chopped-off head pictures....i just can't seem to take them any other way!

My zip insertions just keep getting neater :)
Is anyone else taking part in the Lonsdale Sew-Along? Are you making a muslin or are you brave enough to jump straight in with your fashion fabric? I can't wait to see everyones finished dresses :)

K xx


  1. The muslin looks fantastic! I can't wait to see what fabric you choose!

  2. Looks excellent Kat, the real thing is going to be perfect on you!!!

    I made my bodice muslin last night and it was ok, apart from gaping at the top of the bodice - between the side seam and the top of the boobs. I put a pleat in he muslin, but will ask Tasia if she has any other suggestions.

    Did you use actual muslin for your muslin or is it an old sheet?

  3. Thank you :)

    Marie, I had a similar issue, I just added to the side seam at the top only, grading down to normal within 5cm if that makes sense. I basically pinched in a diagonal at the side seam, like a dart. Seemed to work for me. I think gaping anywhere else may be solvable by tightening the knot at the front though?

    I used sheets for my muslins...I think this one is a combination of scraps from about 3 of slightly different shades, if you look closely! I buy the cheapest I can find in primark/Wilcos. Not entirely sure this is the cheapest way of doing things but I haven't really looked into it properly, maybe I should!

  4. That does make sense thank you. I'll let out my provisional darts and try your method. If it works then all is well, apart from having to shorten my bodice by about an inch which is easy peasy ;o) Yeah, I think sheets might be one of the cheapest way of doing it, I've got mine for charity shops before, but will try Wilkos. Alternatively there is cheap cotton at the market...can't remember exactly how much though!

  5. Ooh even the muslin one looks beautiful, I can't wait to see the finished one! I wish I lived closer to you so you could make me dresses! x

  6. Very pretty :) I can't wait to see the real thing!
    Ashley x



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