Sunday 4 December 2011

Hand Embroidery Fun!

Back in October I blogged about an appliqué course I went on, run by the lovely Donna of Spinster's Emporium. Well today was the second session, in which we learnt hand embroidery. I know after the last session I enthused that appliqué was my new favourite skill...well now it has competition! While I have dabbled in cross stitch before, hand embroidery was completely new to me. We learnt a whole host of cool stitches, which you can see in the sampler below, and then put these into practise by continuing to work on the garment we used last time for appliqué.

A sampler showing the different stitches we learnt

I love how these stitches are really quick and easy to do, but they are also really effective. I think my favourite is chain stitch, once I got the hang of it! We used quite thick thread for our embroidery, I think it was in fact thin knitting yarn, but you could also use a few strands of embroidery thread or even a single strand, depending on the desired effect. I personally like the chunky effect that you get from this sort of thread.

Adding some embroidery detail to a top

I now have a whole host of ideas as to how I could apply my new found skills to add to my makes...a little bit of embroidery may find its way onto some of my Christmas gifts methinks!

In other news, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to have a month of free advertising for my blog on Ohhh Lulu...if you are not familiar with Sarah's beautiful lingerie I highly recommend that you pop over to her blog and Etsy store and have a look around...her makes are just divine!

K xx


  1. Yay I love embroidery! :) I've never finished anything though, but I think I could definitely finish seomething like what you've done around the neckline. I love that, so pretty :)
    Ooh, cool, congrats on the ad! And I love your new banner :)
    Ashley x

  2. Loving your new blog header Kat! The embroidery looks really great, I've got a kit on my Xmas gift wishlist...fingers crossed Santa gets it for me!

  3. Fabulous new header. Have fun with embroidery.

  4. Thanks everyone! Ashley, it is so quick and easy to get really effective results, you should really give it a go :) You too Marie!



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