Wednesday 21 December 2011

A Crafty Christmas Update!

Hello Everyone,

Despite the radio silence of late i can assure you that i have been busy beavering away on Christmas presents! I was more than a little ambitious at the start and didn't quite manage to live up to all of my (rather optimistic) plans...however i still did manage to complete a number of homemade gifts. Most of these i cannot share with you just yet, but here are a couple which i can....

The first is an apron i made for my boyfriend, complete with hand embroidered chicken....

Secondly a little washbag i made for my Nana (thanks go to Handmade Jane for tips on the use of waterproof lining!). If you recognise the material, it's because it is made from the remnants of fabric from my Crescent Skirt...see i'm trying to get over my adversion to reusing garment fabrics!

Finally, i made a lot of baked goodies this is some Lebkucken i made using this recipie. They are so simple to make and taste yummy (i think!), so all in all a great gift idea...i made two batches! I bagged them up and tied with ribbon to make them look pretty.

I will show you a few more crafty gifts after Christmas, but for now i would like to leave you with a homemade gift i was lucky enough to receive, made by a very clever friend of mine....regular readers will know of my love of awesome is this!

I so need to learn to crochet....!

I hope everyone else is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for crafty gift making...there's a few more days to go yet, so no need to panic!!

K xx


  1. Kat, I love your makes! The washbag looks really great by the way. Also, can I ask...where did you get the see-through plastic stuff for your edibles? I'm baking mine tonight and would love to know where I can find some!

    The owl is incredible...I've seen so many things to make me want to learn to crochet this year. It could be a 2012 resolution!

  2. Aww thanks Marie :) I hope you managed to find some cellophane bags in the end...for anyone else interested, i bought them from ebay. Regarding crochet, i think they do a beginners course at Knit One...perhaps that would be something to investigate??

  3. Hi Kat - thanks for your comment! The owl fabric came from:

  4. Thanks so much Roobeedoo...i think i may be putting in a very large order in the new many amazing prints :)



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