Thursday 1 December 2011

Snood Glorious Snood(s)

So unless you have been hiding under a particularly large rock for the last few months, or perhaps sunning yourself somewhere far away in the land of no Internet access (and if you have i am very jealous!) you may have noticed that the blogosphere has gone a bit mad for the humble snood! Some call it a cowl, some call it a snood, i see it as a handy solution to a cold neck and an unravelling scarf. The craze all started off when Karen from Did you make that? posted her version of the free snood pattern so kindly made available by the Guardian. Since then it's gone viral, with many versions popping up all over the place. So of course, i couldn't resist giving it a go myself! So far i have made 2...

Snood #1, made with the free pattern mentioned above and 2 50g balls of Sirdir Indie shade #0155 (I'm sure it had a name but it's not on the label!). I used Moss Stitch - you basically knit one stitch, purl the next etc and then on the next row do the opposite...knit on top of a purl and purl on top of a knit. I love the bobbly effect this stitch gives!

Snood #2 was made using one of the suggested modifications to the pattern - i cast on 140 stitches. This was knitted using a circular needle - it was the first time i have tried this and i must say i loved it! It was very easy to get in the zone and just knit away whilst watching TV without worrying about counting rows or changing needles. 

Close up of the Moss Stitch

For this snood I used a 200g ball of wool i picked up from a local shop for a bargainous £4.50, and basically kept knitting until the ball finished. The wool is so soft and lovely, and i like how i can wrap it round many many times! I hindsight though, i chose a really boring colour....expect to see a more cheerful version 2 coming up in the near future!

I love knitting with chunky wool, it's so easy to knit up. I think both these snoods were completed in just over a week. Now if you'll excuse to start snood number 3...!

K xx


  1. OMG Kat, I love these! I particularly love the bargainous extra long one...please can you teach me how to use circular needles? They sound so cool!!!

  2. You look so happy Kat, I like it :) These look perfect for winter, it's FREEZING in Sheffield, it's looks quite warm there! x

  3. Thank you :)

    Marie - I thought it would be tricky too but in reality it's so easy. You just cast on as normal and then keep knitting round in a circle - the only thing i did a bit differently was to knit the first and last stitches together after casting on, to join the circle and prevent there being a gap. You should totally try it.

    Sarah - Don't be fooled, i had to brave the cold for these photos! What you don't see is my boyfriend is standing in the doorway to take the pics as he rufused to stand outside in the cold! But probably still not as cold as Sheffield. I remember the icy wind well...!!

  4. I LOVE those snoods. Especially the first one. I bought some circular needles the other day, but am still to try them. Should probably do. I want to knit socks. Have you ever made socks?



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