Friday 23 December 2011

Revisiting the Knitted Squares!

Regular readers of my blog may remember the blanket my mum and I are planning to make out of knitted and crocheted squares, first mentioned here. Back in the summer i was giving regular updates on my progress which was considerably (and quite embarrassingly) slower than my mum's who is a super speedy knitter. The knitted square count got a bit waylaid as i got caught up in my holiday wardrobe challenge, and you may have thought i had forgotten. But no! Here is proof!

The plan was always to try and complete all the squares before the end of the year. Now i am back home for Christmas, 'Operation Squares' is back with avengence. And i am pleased to report....that there are but 6 squares left to complete! Let's not dwell on the statistics of how many i knitted and how many my mum knitted (it's probably 3 or 4 to 1....shameful!), the point is we are NEARLY THERE! It will soon be time to brush up on my mattress stitch and get joining those squares together! It would be overly ambitious to hope that the blanket will be completed by the end of this year...but there is definite progress :)

What with all the frantic knitting i imagine this will be my last blog post before HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone, i hope you all have a very merry time!

K xx

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