Thursday 16 June 2011

A super speedy Sorbetto Muslin

After admiring the array of Sorbettos which were recently modelled by the lovely Marie of A Sewing Odyssey, i just couldn't resist having a go myself. This pattern is very kindly available as a free (yes FREE!) download here from Colette Patterns. You print out the patterns as a series of rectangles, stick them together at the relevant points, and tada....a pattern. Marie mentioned that she cut a much smaller size than usual, so i thought it best to produce a quick muslin. And i mean quick. I started cutting out about 9.15. I was in bed by 11.30. Compared to the dress muslin's i have been struggling with recently, i couldn't believe how quick and easy this was to whip up!

A few pictures...these we taken in my bedroom so please excuse the shots of my dressing gown and towel in the background!!

I definitely think that tucking in is the way to go with this top. Despite the fact that i cut out a size 8 (!!!) it is still very baggy around the front, giving me a rather unflattering pregnant-look! Except across the chest, where it is ever so slightly tight. I realise that the style is for a loose, flowing top, but I'm not sure that this effect will work for me. So, i am considering making the following alterations....

1) Add about an inch across the chest

2) Increase the length of the top by 1-2 inches

3) Possibly try and take the top a little around the waist so it is slightly less voluminous. Maybe moving the darts, or adding some under the chest would help to obtain the desired effect here?

What do you think? I really love the finished effect of this top, especially with the contrast bias binding as used by Marie, so i think it is definitely worth persisting with. I would also highly recommend giving this top a go as it is so quick and satisfying to make.

Before i go, to motivate myself i have decided to keep a public record of my shockingly slow knitting progress with the blanket squares in an attempt to shame myself into speeding up. So far: 6 down, 40 to go!

K xx


  1. I've downloaded this pattern too but haven't got round to making it up yet. It looks lovely on you.

    You left a comment on Debi's blog about a visit from Ted. Ted has asked me to say thank you for inviting him over, he's very excited. Could you please email me to make arrangements on Ted's behalf?


  2. Hey Kat, I love it tucked in and I think it's looking really good. I think if you add an inch across the chest and make it a bit longer then it will be perfect. You could taper the sides in halfway down to make the waist a little less loose. However, I still think that this style is better tucked in on ample-busted ladies like us ;o)

  3. Thanks for your comments. Marie, I like it tucked in too which is strange for me as I am not usually a fan of tucking! I may try and play with tapering the sides, although I think perhaps depending on the fabric this may make a difference. and I don't want to play around with the pattern too much!

    Daisydonut, I am looking forward to Ted's visit...I am about to email you!



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