Tuesday 28 June 2011

Sewaholic Patternaholic

It's official...i am a Sewaholic Patternaholic. A week or so ago came the exciting news is that Tasia, who designed the pattern for the wonderful Crescent Skirt, has a new pattern out...and it's a dress!

I immediately thought that this would be a perfect pattern for my Holiday Wardrobe Challenge and so yesterday i pre-ordered the pattern. Woop! I am really hoping the style will suit me - Tasia's patterns are designed with pair shapes in mind, and i think i am more curvy than pear. However, i was unsure about the crescent skirt initially and i love it, so i figured i should take a chance as it looks like such a fun pattern. I especially like the pockets and the mock halterneck style (there are straps down the back) and i reckon with a good strapless bra all will be well! While i was at it i took advantage of the free shipping offer Tasia kindly has going to complete my trio of Sewaholic patterns by ordering the Pendrell Blouse too. This has been seen in many versions around the blogosphere, for example this lovely version by Jane. I can't wait to get my hands on both these patterns and get sewing!

Thanks for your helpful comments about pre-washing fabrics in response to my last post, especially to Ashley for the genius tip to use colour catchers to prevent colour run. I pre-washed all my new fabrics over the weekend so they are all ready to go. I have a busy week coming up but am already looking forward to some serious sewing time at the weekend.

Knitted Square Count: 8 and a half! After Marie's query about how my mum is doing with her side of the knitting, i thought i would mention that she is currently at 50+....i like to think that i am catching up....slowly!!

Happy sewing everyone, i hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Oh and for anyone who is interested....Glee was AWESOME!

K xx


  1. Hurray for the power of colour catchers!! :D I love seeing what colour they are at the end of the wash, its usually the one I least expect!
    I love the new Sewaholic pattern, but there's no way it'd suit me :( Ah well, I still have the Pendrell to make :)
    Ashley x

  2. thats a lovely pattern, Im tempted to order it myself! I really like that halterneck detail, real halternecks get on my nerves, that looks a lot more supportive!

  3. I'm loving the look of the new sewaholic dress pattern too...can't wait to have it in my grubby little hands! I think I may have to get the Pendrell too, as everyone has raved about it and I don't like feeling left out ;o)

    Glad you enjoyed get on with some knitted squares!!!xx

  4. Thanks for the mention! Kat, you have a spooky knack of blogging about subjects I'm currently working on (without knowing of course), guess which blouse I'm sewing this week? Yes, the Pendrell of course! I LOVE that pattern and can't recommend it highly enough - this is my third version! I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's versions of the Lonsdale dress. x

  5. Ashley - my colour catchers came out purple which was odd as there was nothing purple in for the wash!!

    Marie - there is a pre-order offer on the Sewaholic patterns until 4th July if you sign up to the mailing list where you can get the dress plus either of the others with free postage, so definitely worth a look :)

    Jane - Spooky! Well you know what they say about great minds and all that...!



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