Monday 20 June 2011

Holiday Wardrobe Challenge and a fabric splurge!

So in just over 8 weeks time (and counting) the boyfriend and i will be heading over to the US of A for almost 4 weeks! I may have mentioned this once or twice say i am excited is an understatement! We are starting off in New York before heading to Vegas for the wedding of a good friend, and then driving up through California to finish in San Francisco. Things are finally coming together, we have booked hotels in the main cities and are starting to feel a lot more organised. So naturally my thoughts are turning to my holiday wardrobe. I would love to sneak a few me-made items in there so am taking inspiration from Marie and am setting myself a Holiday Wardrobe Challenge. And what better way to motivate yourself to complete a challenge than to speak about it publicly?? My aim is to make at least 3 new items over the next 8 weeks to take with me on my travels. The current plan is two dresses, the patterns for which i have blogged about here and here, as well as a Sorbetto top. I have already started on muslins for one of the dresses and the sorbetto, so hopefully this challenge should be doable in the time limit. Watch this space for regular updates on my progress!

Under the guise of helping myself with this challenge (!) i went on a fabric splurge at the weekend. Fenwick's department store was having a massive 20% off sale on fabrics....dangerous! Here are my purchases...i don't know what all of them are destined to be yet, so suggestions are more than welcome :)

This first fabric is the softest cotton i have ever seen...i think it would be good for a sorbetto as it has a nice drape.

You can't tell in the picture but the best feature of this blue floral print (which is a lot brighter blue than in the picture) is that is has a pattern embroidered on top which gives it a lovely feel. I will need to think of a use for this which accentuates the lovely texture.

This green fabric is destined for a dress to wear to my friend's wedding in Vegas, as well as a christening in October. I think it has a lovely summery feel!

Hopefully that little lot will keep me going for a while! Is anyone else planning new makes for their holidays? I'd love to see what everyone else is making!

Knitted Square Count: Still 6. Opps. 

K xx


  1. ooohhh! These are so exciting! And your trip sounds fantastic!

  2. Lovely fabric finds Kat...was it 20% off all fabrics?!? Hope it's still on when I get back this week ;o)

  3. Marie, it was 20% off most fabrics, and a third off some others. Not sure everything was in the sale but a lot was! I don't know how long the sale is on for. I forgot to mention I also got another 10% off at the till because it was before 1pm on a sale day...I swear I have never heard of that one before but it is definitely an incentive to get into town early!

  4. Oh, I love the green one! I have a vintage dress which has a similar print, but in blue. I like that orangy floral one too, so pretty! Note to self-go fabric shopping!!



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