Sunday 5 June 2011

A (Relatively) Productive Weekend

Hi Everyone!

So, i am pleased to report that i have had a relatively productive weekend. Yesterday i went into town with the plan to buy some fabric for summer dresses. Due to the fact that i am incredibly indecisive, this took longer than expected, and in the end i only picked up fabric for one dress. However, in an attempt to be organised, i also picked up lining, a zip, thread and even bias tape to line the hem (i was pleased with how this worked for the Crescent Skirt and so plan to use the same method again). Here is (hopefully) everything i need to make the Butterick B5209 (shown here):

I am undecided whether to make a lining or a slip...i am planning to wear this dress during my trip to America in the autumn, and for part of this we will be in the desert (pretty much!) so i am worried that a full lining may be too warm. I think I'll wait and see how heavy the skirt is. I made some headway with my muslin for the dress as well...i have started with view A, however it is looking like i may have some pretty serious fit issues around the bust, so we shall see.

I also made some more bias tape, which is destined for another bag like this. Here is my bias tape hanging out to dry! I used wash-off marker pen to mark the cutting lines...this stuff is great as it disappears on the first touch of water.

On a non-sewing note (mostly), this morning my boyfriend and i went to an Owl and Falconry Centre. I absolutely love owls, i have done ever since i was tiny, they are such gorgeous birds. There were lots and lots to be seen here...below are a few of my favourite pictures from the day...

I especially like the second picture - it looks like the owl is laughing at us! And yes, for the eagle-eyed of you, that is a Crescent Skirt i am rocking in the last picture! The more i wear it the more i love fact, i am thinking of making another!

I hope you have all had an equally productive weekend :)

K xx


  1. I can't wait to see the finished dress! :) Aww, I love owls, I got to see a baby barn owl on holiday last year. Adorable ball of fluff! lol
    Ashley x

  2. Good luck with the dress Kat! well done with the bias tape!I have never made bias tape myself. Did you use a rotary cutter for it? a rotary cutter is on my to buy list but with the mat it gets expensive so I haven't bought it yet. I'm not sure I could be neat enough with a pair of scissors personally

  3. Thank you! Miss W - I mark the cutting lines for my bias tape on fabric with temporary marker (and a ruler!) and then cut along the lines with scissors. Since ultimately i will iron under both edges, to make it like conventional bias binding, i find it does not matter too much if you are not completly neat as the raw edges will be hidden. I would highly recommend giving it a's easier than it sounds, honest! And then you have the flexibility of being able to make bias binding in any fabric you like :)

  4. I love that you're wearing the heck out of your crescent skirt Kat ;o) And I can't wait to see your summer dress, it's going to look gorgeous!

    Wendel, I actually picked up a £1 rotary cutter from Poundland in town on the weekend and it seems to be pretty good. I don't know how fast it will get blunt, but for a quick fix and just £1, there's nothing to loose eh ;o)



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