Friday 24 June 2011

How do you prewash your fabrics?

Fellow bloggers, i am in need of your advice....

I am lucky enough to be in the possession of some gorgeous new fabrics which i bought last weekend, as well as some other odd bits and bobs. However, the other day when i was trying to decide on my next make, i realised that i had no fashion fabric "ready to go" so to speak. Since they are destined to be garments, i have read again and again advice to prewash. So, i need your help! I would like to know...

1) Do you prewash your fabrics? If not, have you experienced fabric shrinkage as a result?

2) Do you handwash or machine wash?

3) Do you wash fabrics together or do each separately? The environmentally friendly part of my brain is screaming "wash them all together!" but the paranoid part is terrified that this may result in disaster, for example if even one of them runs slightly, this could ruin the rest of my stash!

I am keen to hear your results and experiences on this one!

In other news, i completed a muslin for the Butterick B5209 pattern last night...unfortunately the results were not good! I cut the halterneck view and the skirt fit perfectly, however the top half was at least 2 sizes too big. Too big even for photos, as there would have been no way of preserving my modesty!! I am actually having second thoughts on the style after seeing how the top half lies, because even if it fit properly i think it would be very exposing and I just don't think i would be comfortable wearing it. I may try view B which has capped sleeves this space!

I have a very busy weekend coming up catching up with friends which i am very much looking forward to, however it will leave little time for sewing. Excitingly, on Sunday i am heading to the O2 arena to see....

Yep, i am off to see the cast of Glee perform live! Yes i am too cool for words, and yes i am almost too excited about this....!!!! I hope your weekends are equally full of excitement...

Knitted Square Count: 7 (woop!)

K xx


  1. I pre-wash all of my fabric, unless its 100% polyester as that doesn't shrink. I put it through the washer, and then through the dryer. That way, all of the shrinkage is taken care of as I've treated it harsher than the finished garment (I machine wash finished garments, but don't put them in the dryer). I use colour catchers so the they all go in together with a couple of old towels in case there is excess dye that the colour catchers can't handle (which in my experience is never, but I usually use 3-4 when washing fabric).
    Hope this helps :)
    Ashley x

  2. I also pre-wash my fabrics and I do it pretty much as soon as I get them so they're ready to go. I wash them with similar colours, as I can't face washing one at a time due to the environmental side of things, but I've never had any nasty colour accidents. Ashley's colour-catcher tip is brilliant...I'm definitely going to use them in the future!

    I love your knitted square count by the way...dare I ask how many your mum's on now?

    Enjoy Glee!xx

  3. Hi Kat, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. Reading what you wrote really cheered me up :) It's great to know that sewing bloggers are encouraging and positive the vast majority of the time.

    I pre-wash my fabrics, in the machine, and with a full wash load. I too feel guilty about small laundry loads!

  4. Thank you all for your comments! Ashley, the colour-catchers is a great tip. I picked some up today and at this moment there is a load of fabrics being pre-washed!

    Marie - Dare you ask indeed, I don't even want to think about how many squares my mum has completed - I think it was over 50 at the last count! I'm hoping to do some catching up tonight while watching Glastonbury coverage!

    Tilly - I'm glad to have made you smile :)



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